Dinner for 2 on $33

To celebrate my first payday, The Coach and I drove to Tampa last night to meet up with a few friends for dinner at Cheddar’s.cheddars                                                               Source

The Coach had been there before, but it was my first time. I was told to expect a cross between Ruby Tuesday’s and Applebee’s, but across the span of the evening, I decided that it handily trumped both!

The guys did some WORK on a ridiculous pile of onion rings, while Rachel and I took the edamame route.

Cheddar's Cafe Onion Rings

Sadly, when you entrust a man to take photographs, you should know that strange, unpronounceable green vegetables < steaming pyramid of fried food. Unsurprisingly, said pyramid was completely obliterated within four minutes. I’m now convinced that men don’t chew, they inhale.

Unsurprisingly, there weren’t a ton of vegetarian options (salad and a portabella sandwich were the other two contenders), but I wound up with vegetable alfredo, light on the sauce. Incidentally, left-overs made a reappearance this morning for breakfast!

blog 2209

I was absolutely floored to see a monster cookie on the menu! All this time, I thought my brilliant college self was responsible for covering an entire sheet of cookie dough in ice cream. Turns out all these years I’d been plagiarizing!

The craziest part of the evening?


$3 a pop. Yeah, baby.

The total shocker? Four drinks, an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert totaled up to $33 and change. At first I thought it had to be a mistake, but it definitely wasn’t! The prices were just that spot-on. We’ll certainly be going back 😉

What restaurant do you think has the best prices? What’s the most you’ve ever paid for one meal?


7 Comments on “Dinner for 2 on $33”

  1. Wow.. that is a great deal!

    Re: Veggie burgers

    I have a sub on the post for soy sauce and onion powder instead of the soup mix. If you’r using regular onions, I’d probably add 1 and some soy sauce and decrease the bean liquid a bit, but the recipe is really meant to work with dry ingredients not raw veggies.

  2. Have you ever had a Pizookie from BJ’s? I think that’s the original. Sooo good!

  3. I think that The Cheesecake Factory has really good prices, but I have only been there once or twice when I was in Hawaii.

    I have spent close to 70 on an entree.

  4. Ruby Tuesday’s has pretty good prices…. I’ve recently started to like them again… I like the salad bar. 😉

  5. greensandjeans says:

    $3 for that beauty?! SOLD.

  6. wow! great deal!! the most ive ever paid for myself was 50.. YIKES!

  7. There is a really small chain restaurant with a branch in our city, Doc Chey’s, and they have good prices. That 3 dollar drink is killer, though! And that pile of onion rings…wow.

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