27: Days until my entire life needs to be boxed up and moved to Orlando.

blog 2283

0: Decorating ideas.

10’-9”-11’-1”: Dimensions of my future kitchen.

blog 2278

10: Dollars I shelled out last night to see The Black Swan.

10: Approximate number of nightmares I had after seeing The Black Swan.

10: Times I thanked my old college roomie for seeing it with me so I wasn’t the only one jumping out of her seat halfway through and leaving utterly confused.

5: Days this week I’ve wanted eggs and nothing but eggs for breakfast:

blog 2270

I switched it up with spinach and shrooms inside and a sweep of chevre over the top. I’m just not a huge fan of goat cheese, unfortunately, but I don’t want to throw it away! It actually adds a nice zing to eggs, though.

9(Bar): The delicious blueberry breakfast bar I’m fueling up with between errands.

Blueberry 9Bar

At first, I thought they were a bit dry, but the second was far better than the first.

Blueberry 9 Bar

6: The number of vegetables that are going into tonight’s dinner:

blog 2148

3: The number of errands I have left to run before I can start shopping for the new place 🙂


6 Comments on “Numbers”

  1. Weee!!! I can’t wait until you move into the new place!

  2. I love your new kitchen- It looks so shiny and new and nice 🙂
    Good luck moving and decorating and I hope you give us a tour when you’re done!

  3. wha! so busy!! cant wait to see the new place!

  4. Loved this post!
    I’m so excited for you!
    I’m sure you’ll be VERY happy in Orlando 😀

  5. […] started innocently enough, with an 9 bar between errands. A few days later, I caved on a few slices of carryout pizza before I exactly […]

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