Food and Furniture Sprees

Yesterday, disheartened by a Saturday of furniture shopping with no real productivity, I enlisted one of my college roomies for a road trip to Tampa’s IKEA.

First things first, though, we stopped by Sweet Tomatoes for a ridiculous amount of pasta and greens for fuel. In retrospect, I’d say “descended upon” would have been a more appropriate word choice.

blog 2286

Gettin’ IT.

Their limited time Roasted Veggie, Olive and Feta salad was out of this world! The Whole Wheat Jalapeno Salsa Pasta, however, left a lot to be desired. Pasta + Whole Grain + Spicy seemed like a match made in heaven, yet both B and I were underwhelmed.

On the other hand, however, after stepping foot in IKEA, I was completely OVERwhelmed.

blog 2287


And so little tax return to spend 😉

After two hours of intense deliberation, I wound up with a Klippan couch:


A Lack coffee table


Fornuft Silverware and Svalka Wine Glasses:

      41XMksVZfAL._SL500_AA300_    svalka-white-wine-glass-clear-glass__27885_PE097378_S4

Pyra Wok and Trygg Mixing/Serving Bowl”:

      pyra-wok-black__63961_PE172089_S4    trygg-serving-bowl-clear-glass__0086658_PE215535_S4

Among other kitchen and bathroom tchotckes, and of course…


On one hand, I’m a bit weirded out by buying a couch and preserves at the same store. On the other hand, it’s only natural that I gravitate towards any store where I can stuff my face. Breakfast, naturally, included the Sylt Lingon (Lingonberry Preserves) atop a slice of toast with peanut butter and a banana.

blog 2290 

It reminded me of a cross between grapes and cranberry sauce. Delicious, indeed!

Finished just in time to hop on the Interstate – gosh I’m not going to miss this commute at all! Have a wonderful Monday!


7 Comments on “Food and Furniture Sprees”

  1. Love the furniture! Can’t wait to see how it is going to look in the new place! 😀

  2. Cute furniture!
    Glad you had a good day! =D

  3. OMG OMG I have the saaaame Klippan couch and Lack coffee table (and mini table) in the same colors you show… They were the first furniture I bought for my most recent new apt!

  4. Yea, I have the same LACK table. Can’t beat the price… just be careful because the paint on mine started to scratch right away. I figure it will be easy enough to touch it up with a Sharpie down the road!

  5. Our apartment looks like an IKEA showroom, so we obviously can’t control ourselves in that place. Decorating is fun! Enjoy!

  6. I love Ikea. I wish we had one closer … we have to drive 8 hours to go there!

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