A Lady who Lunches

Who you callin’ a lady?

Probably not moi… Especially not after driving home from an ass-busting gym sesh while soaked – literally – in my own sweat. If I was truly a lady, I’d be soaked in my own glisten.

And I probably wouldn’t have cussed my way through my last set of situps. But I can’t help it. I really %^&*’ing hate ab work.

See what I mean? The prim and proper gene just isn’t in me.


You can put the girl in a dress, but you can’t keep her from making orange-rind smiles.

Moving right along.

A dainty lunch spread of Chevrie, hummus, organic peanut butter and lingonberry jam to spread atop wafer crackers somehow made me feel hoity-toity…

blog 2300

At least until dinner 😉

 blog 2302 

When you score your dream pizza for $5 courtesy of a Pizza Hut special (light cheese, half black olives, half mushrooms) and are tempted by the smell for an hour-long commute, even the most dainty lady would dig in to a couple slices right in the comfort of her own car.

What are those plates that I hear people raving about these days? Maybe I should look into those for the apartment 😉

Are you a reserved, dainty, frills-and-ruffles kind of girl, or do you cuss and pack back pizza with the guys?


4 Comments on “A Lady who Lunches”

  1. I’m somewhere in the middle of the two. Not frilly but also extremely shy! =P
    That pizza does look awesome!!!!

  2. I’m pretty much a girly-girl…love pink, to dress up, and read chic lit, and I don’t use bad language… But- I have been known to throw down on some pizza and beer!

  3. Olive & mushroom pizza is my favorite ever!! All I need are those 2 toppings and I’m good to go 🙂

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