Meals on Wheels

Happy Tuesday, loves!

After mourning the end of football season, I began to wonder what I’m going to do with my newly free Sunday afternoons. I’m still in the grieving process (I believe I’m currently experiencing in the denial phase), but I understand that the gaping hole will be filled once again in six months, and in the meantime, a few extra hours each weekend can be filled with other things that will never be as exciting or interesting as football.

For a girl who has eaten five meals in her car over the last two workdays, a bit of extra time can’t be a bad thing!

It started innocently enough, with an 9 bar between errands. A few days later, I caved on a few slices of carryout pizza before I exactly carried it in the front door. The following night I noshed on an apple left over from my lunch to curb my hunger on my way home.

blog 2294

Before I knew it, I was transporting breakfasts of Publix fruit salad or peaches with whipped cream…

Publix Fruit Salad

blog 2321

Slowly but surely, I began bypassing the Tupperware and getting the grub straight out of a can…

blog 2296

Pineapple in my cupholder – nothin’ but KLASS over here!

I tell you, folks, it’s a slippery slope! A snack here, a smoothie there, and the next thing you realize, you’re stopping in Publix on the way home to grab a mango Chobani to snack on for your commute…

Mango Chobani

By far one of my favorite flavors!

Let’s be honest, if you were stuck in a jam like this, you’d be scavenging in your glovebox for something edible as well!

blog 2303

Just promise me that you’ll stop me before I try to down sushi or tacos behind the wheel 😉

Do you ever eat in your car? What are your favorite transportable foods? Some of my other favorite healthy snacks on the go are Clif or Lara bars, cheese cubes, Emerald chocolate almonds and Green Monsters!


10 Comments on “Meals on Wheels”

  1. I’ll definitely snack in the car….because 30 minutes without a snack is too long! =P
    Granola bars are usually what I eat….or crackers or anything small and portable like that!

  2. Sarah says:

    I do eat in my car- bananas, Green Monsters, english muffins with nut butter or egg, protein bars, and apples are my portable mainstays.

  3. ahahah ahh i hate eating in the car! i would say i just stick to good ol fashioned bars!

  4. greekmelie says:

    Haha! I wish I could do that too! I cannot eat in the car even if I want to. Multitasking is not my thing. I think coffee is the best I can do without becoming an accident waiting to happen…

  5. Kelly says:

    This post had me laughing out loud. I do pretty good about not eating in the car. But when I do it usually an apple or banana. I do throw out the core and the peel…is that littering? I always figured it wasn’t since it would be eaten by critters and/or ants or at the very least eventually decompose. Geeze….do I know how to get off topic of what?

  6. I try really hard not to eat in the car unless it’s a long road trip and the spousal equivalent is driving. Mostly because I don’t want to choke on something and also because I tend to not really enjoy it when I eat in the car. If I was in that traffic jam, though, you can bet your butt I’d be eating if I had something!

  7. I’m not too big on eating or drinking in the car…every time I do I manage to spill something on myself or get crumbs in unmentionable places.
    I once saw a lady eating spaghetti while she was driving and it was hilarious!

  8. Nope, I never eat in my car – well, unless the hubby is driving and we are on a road trip … but even then I prefer to stop.

  9. Just yesterday I drank a green smoothie in the car. I did feel a little funny navigating the road and my smoothie at the same time!

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