Nobody Expects Perfection

Yoginis are no stranger to openers of all sorts: hip openers, heart openers, chest openers; I can bust out a series of these in a heartbeat. Eye openers, on the other hand, have the ability to remove me further from my comfort zone than an hour in utkatasana could.

When my ability to accept constructive criticism was questioned yesterday, I realized that somewhere along the line, I’d turned off the part of my brain that told me to learn from those who’d been where I’ve been. I’ve always prided myself on being strong-willed, yet sometimes, no amount of fierce independence can substitute for humility.

I’m human. I’m going to make mistakes. I’m going to mess up… but that doesn’t mean I’m a failure. I’ve said it before, yet somehow I stopped living by it: you can’t be afraid to fall.

As much as we believe otherwise, others don’t expect complete perfection from us. I’ve come to stop expecting perfection from myself, yet somehow, I’ve remained terrified of letting others think I’m not perfect. I may have let go of trying to be a size zero, yet I still have been trying to force myself into other labels: the perfect friend; the perfect daughter; the perfect employee; the perfect runner; the perfect fashion plate; the perfect blogger. As much as I’d like to think I’m able to be these things…I’m not. And that’s okay with me. I’m pretty positive that’s okay with the rest of the world as well.

Mistakes are guaranteed to occur. We can take them with a grain of salt and open ourselves up to the guidance of those who want to see us succeed, or we can internalize the perceived “failure” and close ourselves off to improvements that could result from the learning process.The latter option not only deprives us of our chances to grow, but also frustrates those who have been where we have been and can help us become better. Essentially, we can be the petulant adolescent who plugs her ears and runs away screaming and slamming doors, or we can swallow our pride, cut the excuses and listen.

Life has a lot to teach once we open our hearts and minds and become receptive to the little lessons along the way!

What is one thing – big or small – that you’ve learned recently?


7 Comments on “Nobody Expects Perfection”

  1. Great post!
    I’m learning to accept myself as I am and to treat myself well! =D

  2. Sarah says:

    I feel like I have to learn this same lesson over and over again. What am I trying to prove? It’s eye-opening to me every single time I realize I am loved, not because of expectations, but really, just because the ones who love me choose to. Crazy!

  3. SUCH a great post and something I constantly need a reminder of. I’ve learned to be patient (esp with communication and expectations)

  4. Wonderful post!
    Something I have learned lately (well, I’ve always *known* it…) is that friendship is definitely a two-way street. Lately I’ve been dealing with a friend who constantly comes to me for advice and help but never once asks me how I’m doing… But, unlike in my past, I’m not going to sit around and do nothing about it!
    Hope you’re doing okay 🙂

  5. Faith says:

    Love this post. I’ve come to realize that the only person who expects perfection from me is ME…I’m trying to stop, but it’s a work in progress. 🙂

  6. i learned that i need to trust more that everything that is meant to be WILL BE and endure…i always try to pressure things and find the answers. “sometimes the best way to move forward is to stop moving”.. and it feels good to actually believe it 🙂


  7. I have learned that I can say no … and I have to for my own sanity.

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