Maternity Leave and a Birthday

Hello, hello, hello! Remember me? The writer chick who used to be a healthy living blogger before she up and moved?

blog 2392

She’s still around. I may be slightly bruised and scratched from the move, but no worse from the wear.

Pre-move, I had to have one last foodie adventure in Lakeland, and it happened courtesy of Groupon. Somehow, even after being a local for three years, I never stumbled upon Anthony’s Health Hut until recently. Quite a shame, considering how delicious the vegan egg salad sandwich turned out to be!

vegan egg salad sandwich

Packing up and plopping down in Orlando wasn’t the only major event that happened this week…in fact, perhaps we could call it a bit of a maternity leave?

blog 2393

It’s a GIRL! Haley, a wee bit of a space cadet, says hi.

Sadly, I missed my other baby’s birthday. Lovely as Charged turned one on February 25th, and I was too busy pushing mattresses down corridors to churn out a commemorative post. Instead, I’ll end this morning’s post with the very first message I ever shared here on the original LAC! (It’s worth a click to laugh and see how far she’s come!)

Will. I. Be. Pretty ?

What woman’s psyche hasn’t echoed some variation of this question until pretty seems no longer like a word – a lowly little adjective – but rather an ultimatum?

Wanted. Worthy. Pretty.

In some strange, strange thesaurus, these words have become synonymous.

“The word Pretty is not worth of everything you are meant to be”. We are not meant to be merely pretty.

I am not a doll. I am not an ornament. Until a doll can be strong, ambitious, intelligent, creative, talented, vivacious, perceptive, and pretty, there is no room on my foot for the Mattel patent or a “Made in China” stamp.

Wear Joy.
Live Passionately.
Take Care of Yourself.
There, not in the Little Blue Box or the Big Brown Bag, is all the pretty in the world.
Maybe there’s time yet to scrounge up the funds for the Prada pants on super-sale at Barneys that hug my pretty in all the right places.


4 Comments on “Maternity Leave and a Birthday”

  1. Glad the move went well!!!!!!!
    Love your first-ever message from a year ago! =D

  2. Your new kitchen is super cute!I had no idea what to expect when I saw the Maternity Leave title on this post. Haha!

  3. Glad to hear that your move went well!!!

    Your kitchen looks really nice, and congrats on the puppy!!!!! She is adorable!!!!

  4. aww I love your puppy 🙂 She is too sweet!
    Happy 1 year to your blog, too! I totally missed mine too…it was way back in January and I didn’t realize it til last week! Oops…

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