Didn’t I Just go to Bed?

Good morning!

I can’t believe I’m awake right now – I said goodbye to The Coach in Tampa around 1, and by the time I rolled back into Orlando, I was too tired to even look at the clock. Let’s just say it was late, and I had every expectation of sleeping until 4 pm today.

When my eyes popped open at 8:30, I had to triple check to make sure I still knew how to read a clock. Sure enough, it was as early as I thought it was!

Even though I should have wanted to crawl back under the covers for a few more hours of shut-eye, I ended up taking Haley for a nice 2 mile run downtown.

blog 2089

Run may not have been the operative word…yet it seemed to fit better in the sentence than “bird-chasing sprints followed by sniffing in circles and eating leaves”.

Ahhh, to be a natural athlete. I wish I were so gifted!

After our outing, I re-fueled with an Eggbeaters and Baybel Light bagel sandwich with a juicy kiwi on the side.

blog 2429 

I have some big plans to dawdle the rest of the morning away with some coffee and blogs! Even though my body didn’t seem to realize it only got a few hours of sleep, a nice lazy afternoon sounds absolutely perfect.

blog 2431 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


4 Comments on “Didn’t I Just go to Bed?”

  1. Lazy afternoons are awesome 🙂

    I hope you had a great weekend!!!!!

  2. That bagel looks so good! I forgot how easy and delicious egg bagels could be!

  3. Sounds like a nice run! Getting outside in nature is the best.

  4. BrittFit says:

    mMmM kiwi looks divine! yay for coffee and blogs..one of my favorite past times 😉 haha

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