A Week’s Worth of Groceries for Under$25

You know you have the coolest job ever when you don’t even look up from your assignments until nearly 4 pm!

When I finally snapped my head out of the books I’d been taking notes from, I realized I had a short window of time to decide on a produce stand to head to after work. My veggie stash had dwindled to half a box of alfalfa sprouts and a lonely onion, and the situation needed to be remedied pronto.

As I’ve shared before, one of my favorite grocery bill-slashing secrets is to purchase my fruits and vegetables from a fruit stand or farmers market. Not only can I walk out with an abundant week’s worth of fresh goods for under $15, but I also feel better about supporting local businesses whenever possible.

A handful of web reviews for Orlando produce stands pointed me in the direction of Clemons Produce. After taking Haley for a quick walk, I headed off to check out their bounty for myself!

Clemons Produce in Orlando

At first, I was expecting an open-air booth of sorts, and I passed it by – twice – before realizing that it was in a shopping plaza!

Once I ducked in, I was met with far more goods than I’d expected. Naturally, there was a wide range of standard goods:

Clemon's Produce Stand

As well as several specialty areas – fresh cheeses and meats, dried beans and nuts, grains and even dressings and honey!

dried nuts selection

Although the fresh, outdoorsy feel was notably absent from the fluorescently-lit indoor market, the selection and prices more than made up for what it lacked in atmosphere.

Clemon's Produce

An incredibly budget-happy total of $8.80 sent me home with:

  • 5 Ruby Red Grapefruit (locally grown)
  • 2 boxes of strawberries – unbelievably only $1/each (locally grown)
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 peaches
  • 2 plum tomatoes
  • 1 red potato
  • 1 six-ounce carton of blackberries
  • 6 assorted peppers (organic)

assorted organic peppers

Apparently I wasn’t the only shopper who found $.69 bunches of kale to be a great bargain – by the time I’d gotten there, the entire stock was gone!

I supplemented my Clemon’s Produce haul with a few items from Publix and Dollar Tree.

cheap groceries


Naturally Fresh Italian Dressing

Although certain items are hit-or-miss, it’s entirely possible to find healthy foods at dollar stores! Somewhere beyond the off-brand Fritos, canned artificial beef products and sad excuses for cake mix, I scored a shelf-stable box of WestSoy Soy Milk and a jar of Naturally Fresh Italian Salad Dressing.

The only catch with Dollar Tree is to keep an eye on the expiration dates. Thankfully, the soymilk is good until January 2012.

soymilk expiration date



A final stop at Publix rounded out the week’s groceries:

Publix groceries

After spending a whopping $8.80 at Clemon’s, $2 at Dollar Tree and $10.96 at Publix, I managed to bring home an entire week’s worth of groceries for under $25. Although having a meat-free shopping list and only one mouth to feed does contribute to the low expenses, I’m always thrilled to lower my weekly food spending whenever possible!

Okay, darlings, off to whip up a hearty breakfast from the depths of my well-stocked fridge! Have an awesome Tuesday!

What did your last grocery bill come to? How much do you budget weekly/monthly for food?


8 Comments on “A Week’s Worth of Groceries for Under$25”

  1. That’s so awesome!
    Our kale is R$0.60 here, so I buy some quite frequently!!! Pretty much all of our produce is organic, but I definitely know how the prices are in the states!
    This is proof that you CAN eat healthy on a budget. =D

  2. Emily says:

    So funny…I go to school Clemson University in SC and every time you mentioned Clemons, I could’ve sworn it said Clemson!
    Anywho, I wish we had a produce stand/farmers market here. I feel like I could save so much money. But also, I love the environment, especially since the weather is nicer every day

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow, Faith! This post gives me hope. I’m currently working on cutting WAY down on my grocery spending while filling my body with mostly nutritious food. It’s a bit of a challenge, but I believe it can be done. You just proved me right!

  4. That’s great!! I can’t believe you got a box of strawberries for $1. There’s lots of good stuff in season in FL now…I really gotta hit up the green markets this weekend.

  5. I am SHOCKED by how cheap groceries are where you are!!! Those peppers would be 8.99 in my city!!!

  6. I am impressed! Food is a little more expensive in LA, though. I’d love to find strawberries for a dollar or kale for 69 cents! The cheapest I can ever find for kale is $1.50 and $3/box for strawberries at the farmers market.

  7. Under $25? I’m so impressed! I struggle with my $30/week budget..!

  8. I spent almost $50 the last time I shopped…need to get that under control! I usually spend that much on groceries every week- granted we have 2 mouths to feed but I know we usually come away with some unnecessary stuff!

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