City Girl, Country Breakfast

I’m a city girl at heart. Give me cabs, high-rises and subways any day of the week and I’ll be happy.

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Sometimes, though, a girl just needs some good old home-style grub.

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What I really wanted was Cracker Barrel, but since work beckons, a homemade version had to make do: stovetop apples with cinnamon + Truvia, home-fries with dill and original Eggbeaters for protein!

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One of the best parts about living downtown? Walking to work.

For me, the benefits of walking to work are threefold:

  • Exercise: I work nine blocks from my apartment. Walk that twice a day, I’m looking at walking 9.7 miles each week. While the twenty minute stroll each morning and afternoon doesn’t seem like a workout, that’s nearly three and a half hours of extra exercise in a week. My legs and lungs certainly appreciate the streeeeetch after eight hours at a desk!
  • Saving Gas: Rapidly approaching $4/gallon. Need I say more?
  • Environment: I never really gave any thought to my carbon footprint, especially when I worked at the preschool that was less than two miles from my roommate’s house. Spending just minutes per day in my car and never laying eyes on an electric bill never required me to think about what sort of impact I was having on the Earth. All of the sudden, I found myself driving two hours per day, and I had to ask myself – what the hell is this doing to the Earth?

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I feel much better about my updated carbon footprint after estimating that now, walking to work, I drive around 20 miles each week (when I don’t drive to see friends or family on the weekends, that is). I was easily able to reduce my carbon footprint just by walking those nine blocks!

I’m looking for a good (yet inexpensive) bicycle, which should be fun to incorporate in the upcoming weeks. I honestly haven’t ridden a bicycle in years! It would be so like me to fall off and skin my face…but lets not think about that!

Are you a city girl or a country girl? How do you get to work? What’s are your favorite environmentally-friendly tips and tricks?


14 Comments on “City Girl, Country Breakfast”

  1. shiningfromwithin says:

    I love the city but I don’t think I could ever actually live there. It’s so busy! I’d say I’m a country space, grass, flowers. Haha. It definitely is an added bonus living in NY though because you get exercise everyday from walking somewhere. My environment tips are pretty simple: turn off the lights/TV when not in use! I also don’t turn the lights on in my room if the sun is out that day. Natural light is the best :).

  2. I’m sort of in between. Don’t like big cities, but also don’t like being in the middle of nowhere. =P
    That breakfast sure looks yummy!
    Where did you calculate your carbon footprint?

  3. brandi says:

    I guess I’m a country girl 🙂 We have about a 40 minute commute to work every day, so we drive BUT my husband and I do carpool, so that helps.

  4. I’m a city girl for sure, but I kind of like the smaller cities. I definitely wouldn’t make it out in the country, but I dont’ think I could handle somewhere like NYC either! I need a happy medium 🙂

  5. Emily says:

    CITY GIRL fo sho! What city is in the pictures you posted?

  6. im a city girl too, but a good protein rich breakfast is great

  7. Kelly says:

    I like the city too but I can only afford a house in suburbia…so no walking to and from work for me. But I think it is very cool that you can!!

  8. Alaina says:

    I used to work at Cracker Barrel and I loved their blueberry pancakes. 🙂

    I think I’m in the middle of being a city or country girl. I actually live in a suburb of Boston and while I’m not within the city limits, I can easily take the subway there. And I love that I can walk everywhere.

  9. Looove Cracker Barrel! The dumplings have a special place in my heart 🙂
    I’m a total city girl! Unfortunately I live in rural IL right now and will be here for another 1.5 years. I’m hoping my future takes me back to a city!
    I walk to work and’s about a 15 minute walk- just under a mile!

  10. Hey Faith! Thank for commenting on my blog because I’m happy to have found yours in return! I love living in the city; however, my grandparents have a Ranch, so I’m a little bit a country girl as well. I used to live in Arlington, VA and work in DC, and I loved it. Walking to work or using public transportation is such a great way to sneak exercise into your day.

    Did you just move there? It is a really wonderful place to live!

  11. I love being out in the middle of no where, but I also love a really, really busy city like NY. I think I could do either and be happy … as long as I got to get out once in a while.

  12. I am definitely a city girl. I grew up in a small town and I love nature but I have to be in a city — I love how busy it is.

    Unfortunately I drive to work because I’m always somewhere different, with auditions, etc., but I try to coordinate all my car trips so I do multiple things while I’m out and use my gas as economically as possible.

    I always take the stairs instead of the elevator, line-dry my clothes instead of using the dryer, avoid buying plastic, buy in bulk, and always bring re-usable bags shopping. I’m always trying to do more for the environment!

  13. Teresa says:

    Definitely a city girl (born and bred in LA). Definitely living in the country (I think the local population drops to 10,000 when the U is out for summer break).

    It’s funny about walking to work. I agree with everything you say and would add one more bonus: walking to work helps me clear my head and feel less likely to get grumpy as daily demands pile up. I’ve been driving more lately because the snow on the sidewalks is higher than my knees but I can’t wait until it warms up!

  14. I am a little bit of both… I like the big city (within driving distance) but I also like the beauty of the country (and of course the cooking too).. but how nice to be able to walk/run/bike to work!!!

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