Workout Music Fail

I woke up this morning and dashed to my computer like an eight year old racing to the Christmas tree to see what Santa dropped off overnight. Rather than the entire contents of a Toys ‘R’ Us catalog, only one thing was on my mind…and for once, it wasn’t breakfast.


For almost three weeks, I’ve been counting down to the release of the new Rise Against cd. I’d been planning an Endgame review for just as long. March 15th has been marked on my calendar longer than any other upcoming event.

The band’s – Appeal to Reason – is in constant circuit in my workout playlists for their killer melodies and the layered, thought-provoking lyrics. Naturally, checking out the Endgame album was the first thing on my mind when I came to consciousness.

As much as it pains me to say it, Endgame leaves plenty to be desired. The band’s trademark combination of powerful punk-rock guitar and rich lyrics still drives the album, yet the heart-pounding beats that made Appeal to Reason so widely successful were notably lacking in their fifth album. The first single from the album, Help is on the Way, is the most closely related to their previous work, yet as a whole, the CD fails to excite and inspire on the same scale. I found myself unimpressed by the empty reflections and the dull guitar riffs.

The bottom line? Download: A Gentleman’s Coup, Help is on the Way. Skip the rest of the album if you’re looking for a pulsating, gym-friendly rock CD.

Dear Cavo, you are cordially invited to release a new album anytime now…

Have you heard the new Rise Against album? What did you think? What was the last CD/song you downloaded?


3 Comments on “Workout Music Fail”

  1. I can’t remember that last time I downloaded music … I have just been spending lots of time on youtube 🙂

  2. Andi says:

    major bummer about the new Rise Against! oh, and I definitely agree about Cavo releasing a new album, but I still can’t stop listening to Bright Nights Dark Days. 🙂 I downloaded a bunch of new music on Sunday night – top 40 and a little country to update my iPod. yeahhh my musical tastes are all over the place.

  3. Oooh, what a bummer. Thanks for the tip. The last album I downloaded (it’s so long ago now it’s embarrassing)was Message to Garcia by Visqueen. Best. Workout. Album. 🙂

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