A Very Carrie Kind of Day

Good morning! How are things with your fabulous selves?

Things are all clear on the health front, and I’m feeling fantastic!

The first cue that I was back to normal was my desire to actually wear a legitimate outfit yesterday instead of the jeans + hoodie combo I had donned the previous days.

IMG00116-20110323-0900(2) Tank – Rebecca Beeson; Skirt – Anthropologie (Maeve); Shoes – Ginger Goff

Something about the outfit felt particularly Carrie Bradshaw. Naturally, that put me in an extra flirtatious, vivacious mood!

The next sign that recovery was in reach was the raging desire for fruits and vegetables that hit me like a truck around 10 A.M. An apple and a banana from the cafe on the second floor of my building took care of the first craving, while an impromptu lunch from Subway addressed the latter.

blog 2565

When I’m under the weather, all I want is comfort food. Veggies are few and far between. I took my craving for greens as a sign that all systems were go!

Despite my original intention to procure a massive mound of vegetables, somehow a cookie found its way into my bag.

blog 2566

Not just any cookie, however. You have never truly had a cookie until you have had a raspberry cheesecake cookie from Subway. This bad boy was soft, doughy and absolutely loaded with bursts of fruity, sugary goodness.

When I found out that my car insurance bill had dropped by $40, the first thought that popped into my head was “Wow…I wonder how many of these cookies that could buy each month…” That’s just how good they are.


After arriving home, I awarded myself a clean bill of health and headed out to check out my apartment’s gym.




The strength training equipment was a bit sparse, but I quickly met up with my lover the Lat Pull Down and cranked out several reps, interspersed with a short free weight routine that The Coach introduced me to.

After a bit of resistance training, I turned on the TV, tuned in to Sex and the City reruns and settled in for a nice sweaty high-incline program on an elliptical. I was the only one in the gym when I turned the episode on, but halfway through, one of my male neighbors joined me for the workout…and got quite caught up in the show himself! I had more fun watching him watch SATC (while pretending not to) than watching the TV itself!

A busy day awaits! I can’t believe it’s almost Friday!

When you are recovering from an illness (major or minor), how do you know your body is on its way back to normal?


5 Comments on “A Very Carrie Kind of Day”

  1. Meg says:

    Those cookies looked amazing – I saw them at the airport Subway yesterday haha!

    I LOVE your outfit, you’re beautiful! SO happy you’re feeling better and hooray for lower insurance, woopwoop; that deserves 5 cookies, at least 😉

  2. What an adorable outfit! Glad you’re feeling back up to power today.

    I’m the type who is always exhausted when I’m sick, so when I feel well-rested and back to my upbeat, energetic self, I know my body’s healthy again! That, and I definitely tend to be a fashion forward person like you most days, but sickness drags the effort out of me. The day I actually WANT to plan out an outfit is usually my first healthy day too!

  3. Glad you’re feeling better!!! 😀
    LOVE the outfit! hahaha

  4. Very Carrie indeed!!!! Gorgeous!

  5. You look beautiful! Love your style as always 🙂 I’ve never had a Subway salad!

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