One Hell of a Monday

It started off innocently enough – with a classic breakfast that I hadn’t enjoyed in quite some time: a chocolate cherry Smoothie In a Bowl.

chocolate cherry bomb in a bowl

A banana, cocoa powder, frozen cherries, almond milk and ice cubes topped with the remnants of a Kashi cereal told nothing of the day that was to come.

chocolate cherry smoothie

I quickly packed my lunch – leftovers from Azteca, the Mexican restaurant I visited over the weekend.

veggie enchilada and beans

A veggie enchilada and vegetarian beans made the perfectly portioned midday meal, and better yet, one that required no effort to assemble!

blog 509

This chick was in heaven by 11:30. Yes, I really do eat lunch that early. I also eat breakfast fairly early, so my stomach is ready for more deliciousness before noon even rolls around – and who I am to tell it no?

Unfortunately, after leaving work, I came home to a sick puppy. While The Sick Puppies may be a great band, being the mommy of a literal sick puppy…not so fantastic. Suffice it to say…I don’t think her belly appreciated her breakfast as much as mine appreciated the smoothie.

The real scare happened, however, after Haley had been taken care of and I ran to the store to address the precariously empty black hole that was my refrigerator.

orlando forecast - Google Search - Mozilla Firefox 3282011 100749 PM.bmp

Unfortunately, unlike most Northerners who have actually become accustomed to driving in the rain, most Floridians completely choke behind the wheel during a downpour. Rainstorms are quite common for Spring in Central Florida, so the inability to focus with the windshield wipers on completely blows my mind.

Just as I had pulled onto my exit from the interstate, a car in the lane next to me decided to pull over into my lane, completely oblivious to my car. I honked yet he continued to slide over, and I swerved my wheel to avoid being hit. At that point, my wheel locked up and the tires began to skid across the slippery road. My car spun in three complete circles as I helplessly tried to straighten out the steering. I had never experienced this, so I gripped the wheel as tightly as possible and held on with a death grip, hoping that the absence of oncoming traffic would continue until I was able to regain control of my vehicle.

What surely couldn’t have been more than twenty seconds seemed like an eternity to me as I prayed not to end up in the ditch – or worse, in an accident. Thankfully the road was relatively empty and I was able to get the car back in my lane (and facing the correct direction!) before another car slammed into mine.

Thank you, God, for guardian angels who can fly as fast as I can drive!

I’m ready for a nice uneventful Tuesday…fingers crossed that I have a less heart-pounding experience to share in tomorrow’s post!

When was the last time you had a major scare (of any kind?) And what time do you eat lunch?


7 Comments on “One Hell of a Monday”

  1. Kiersten says:

    What a scary experience! I am glad you didn’t get hurt and everything was okay.

    I’m with you on early lunches. Sometimes I eat around 11-11:30. I eat breakfast at 6:30 in the morning, so by them I am usually starving! If I can’t eat lunch that early I just have some snacks to hold me over.

  2. what a terrifying few moments for you! so glad you escaped without further incident – a big scare is enough, eh!
    here in ontario, people do not drive well during the first couple of snow falls – it’s always scary being on the road.
    my most recent scare was at the beginning of march when we drove to the airport before vacation – the roads were an icy mess, we saw tons of accidents, missed a few close calls…totally nervewracking. so glad to hop on that plane to sunny aruba!
    hope you have a peaceful tuesday!

  3. Emily says:

    Wow, that sounds terrifying! I’m glad to hear you’re okay. I almost hit a deer once while driving in the rain, that kind of stuff totally shakes you up!

    I’m with the late lunch crowd mostly because it works for my schedule. 🙂

  4. Scary stuff!! That has happened to me before! This year I have almost been rear ended twice. Both times the person was not paying attention, looked up and was going full speed right about to hit me from behind … they had to pull up onto the curb to avoid hitting me!

  5. oh my gosh! sooo scary. so glad you’re ok! take it easy tonight!

  6. Yikes! That sounds terrifying…glad you’re alright!

    On a happier note, I made a smoothie last weekend that was almost identical to your Smoothie in a Bowl. Chocolate and cherries are just one of the best combos out there.

  7. Oh gosh that sounds so scary! I’m glad you’re OK!

    I have mini scares on a regular basis. LA driving is like that…

    I don’t eat lunch until 2:00 or so, but I also usually don’t eat breakfast until 11!

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