Double Decker Cheesy Omlette Sandwich

We all have a handful of foods that we absolutely love, regardless of how unhealthy they may be. I don’t care how health-minded you are, there has to be at least one food that can sway you away from a plate of broccoli in less time than it takes to say “screw the calories.”

As for me, I certainly have more than one, yet while many healthy bloggers wouldn’t mention their affinity for the occasional grease-laden meal if they were staring down the barrel of a gun, I have time and time again professed my love for Burger King Croissanwiches. Fluffy, salty, certainly-not-free-range egg patties, gooey and melty processed cheese and a greasy, flat pastry to hold it together…I’ll take two, please!

Last night, after walking home in a torrential downpour, all I wanted was to curl up on the couch in a fleece blanket with a stupid movie and cup of coffee. I wanted a simple, comforting dinner, yet the idea of waiting for pasta or a casserole to bake disqualified anything more elaborate than a good, old-fashioned breakfast sandwich.

Not just any breakfast sandwich, though, my friends…

egg and cheese sandwich

A Double Decker Cheesy Omlette Sandwich.

cheesy egg sandwich

Two feather-light slices of whole eggs, two layers of stringy sharp cheddar and two buttery slices of crispy, chewy toast certainly cut some of the unnecessary fat and sodium from the Burger King version, but retained the original elements of the legendary Croissanwich.

I should mention that I’m a bit of a breakfast sandwich purist. I want egg, cheese and carb. No vegetables. No jam. No spreads, pestos, sauces or condiments. Breakfast sandwich time is not a time to be fancy – it’s a time to revel in the cholesterol-raising, this-is-why-I-gave-up-veganism goodness that lies before you.

vegetarian breakfast sandwich

Is a recipe truly necessary?

Didn’t think so.

What is your all-time favorite not-healthy-by-any-stretch-of-the-imagination food? Ever tried to replicate it at home?


9 Comments on “Double Decker Cheesy Omlette Sandwich”

  1. Yuuuuuuuum! Love me some egg sandwiches! 😀
    My favorite not-healthy comfort food is a bread bowl of McAlister’s CHEESY chicken tortilla soup topped with tortilla strips. And yes, I eat the entire bread bowl. One can never have too many carbs. hahaha

  2. Hannah says:

    I’ve never made an omelette, but I like melting cheese in the microwave and eating it straight 😛

  3. Sarah says:

    Mmm…that sandwich is truly drool-worthy. I want one!

  4. jenna says:

    oh wow this sandwich looks so gooey and delicious! an awesome way to start the day!

  5. There are no words to describe how good that sandwich looks. I do have one question though – how do you get all the cheese to melt? Is it just from the heat of the eggs and toast? Or do you grill it? I’m only asking coz I’d love to make this but I’m a bit weird about half-melted cheese! Haha. And yeah, as much as I do love brocolli, there is plenty of stuff that I would swap a plateful of it for. It’s good to hear someone talking about it and admitting to it, sometimes I feel like I’m the only blogger in the world to crave something like this.

  6. That sandwich loos so good. I love egg sandwiches. 😀
    My favorite comfort food would have to be a grilled chicken spud with black olives and salsa from mcalisters or the tendercrisp from burger king which I’m pretty ashamed as well to admit to. I haven’t had one in years though. 😦

  7. I want this for dinner, there is something SO satisfying about egg sandwiches! I LOVE!
    Favorite “unhealthy” food recreated at home? Whenever my fiance pulls out the deep fryer. Yes. We have one. (disclaimer – I didn’t buy it!!!) HA!

  8. leashieloo says:

    OMG, that looks so cheesy and delicious. I just want to dive into it.

  9. Poutine is pretty amazing.

    Fries topped with cheese, and gravy. Hell yeah!

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