Everything Tastes Better at Grandma’s

Perhaps because you don’t have to make it?

blog 565

Perhaps because you don’t have to pay for it? Or shop for the ingredients?

blog 579

Or perhaps because it magically appears in front of your face while you’re just kicking back and chilling out with the people (and fur people!) that you love?

blog 571

Yep, that’s gotta be it!

Unfortunately I had to spend my Monday recovering from a bout of the ickies that I caught from my mother, but now it’s back to the daily grind…where I have to cook for myself!

That is…if you can call slicing blueberry vanilla chevre cooking 😉

blog 572

I am of the personal belief, however, that pouring ingredients into a blender and hitting “ice crush” totally counts as cooking…

blog 580

Especially if you crumble up (one of grandma’s homemade) chocolate muffins on top!


5 Comments on “Everything Tastes Better at Grandma’s”

  1. Food that I don’t have to cook is always the best. Well, if it’s my mom’s food it is anyway. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. girl, i’ve been craving an egg sandwich for dinner all day and then i open up your blog and there one is! wish i could eat it virtually!

  3. Random comment … but …

    You have the prettiest hair colour.

  4. I always wanted one of those grandmas. Didn’t get one.

  5. Everything tastes better at my mom’s house too! Somehow, she makes the most excellent toast ever…I don’t know what she does to it! Same for PB & J…

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