I Really Didn’t Want that Anyways

Thinking back through my school-age years, I never once used the “my dog ate my homework” excuse.

Haley, though, seems determined to help me make up for lost ground, only instead of homework, she chose something a dash more critical to munch on…

blog 598

Fine, Haley, make my personal effects your chew toys. I didn’t want my phone anyways.

What I did want, however, was food, and lots of it!

After opening my vegetable drawer to find a completely wilted head of lettuce, I nixed the romaine in the salad I had planned for lunch and went straight for the other raw veggies instead.

raw veggie salad

Between the carrots, cabbage, jicama, peas and celery I didn’t miss the greens at all! I must not have wanted those to begin with either 😉

A blueberry muffin from Sweet Tomatoes and a baggie of pistachios rounded out the meal as I had planned.

muffin and nuts

I munched on a new-to-me granola bar on the way to pick up a new phone.

vanilla chip chewy granola bar

Flavor-wise, the Cascadian Farms vanilla chip chewy granola bar was spot-on, but as with most granola bars, the 13 grams of sugar made it more of a glorified candy bar.

After peeking inside, I wasn’t surprised that two of the main ingredients were brown rice syrup and sugar and that tapioca syrup wasn’t too much further down the list.

cascadian farms granola bar

At least for this morning’s breakfast I got exactly what I wanted…

yogurt fruit and nuts

Plain fat free Chobani, a ripe mango, organic almonds and a sprinkling of flax seeds hit the spot and fueled me up for what I presume is going to be a long day at work. It’s a good thing I adore my job – the major content overhaul that we are working on takes a lot of brainpower!

chobani with toppings

Off to put my English major to good use!

What was the last product you tried that didn’t quite meet your expectations?

If you have a dog, how do you keep them from gnawing your possessions to pieces?


8 Comments on “I Really Didn’t Want that Anyways”

  1. Can’t believe your dog chomped on the phone!
    The yogurt bowl looks fabulous, though! 😀 Wish we had greek yogurt here!

  2. oh no!!! major phone bummer! one of my dogs got ahold of my hubby’s ipod once. not pretty!

  3. No WAY! What a naughty girl!! I will apologize on behalf of your pooch, because we have (almost) the same name. Sorry!!!

  4. My dog got a hold of my favorite tennis shoes the last time I was home with him. And I’m the kind of person who only has one pair of each type I need. I pair of dressy shoes, one pair of flip flops, and of course one pair of tennis shoes that function as my workout and everyday shoes. =_= I still haven’t been able to bring myself to buy another pair just yet.
    Sorry about your phone!

  5. Vega protein powder didn’t meet my expectations, only because I expected the chocolate flavour to taste like chocolate … not berries.

  6. EEEK! I can’t believe your dog ate your phone. That is so not nice! Bad pooch!

    I’m loving your eats, especially that yogurt bowl. I’ve recently reintroduced yogurt into my life and I can’t get enough.

  7. hahaha, awww…your poor phone!

    President’s Choice plain Greek yogurt (only available in Canada probably, because Canada sucks at Greek yogurt). It tasted like bum-oley!

  8. We had a black lab that chewed up anything and everything she could get her paws on. This went on for 13 years!

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