Rock it Out

What up, loves?

Was it a great weekend for you? I certainly hope so. Mine was filled with loud music, bright sunshine and fantastic eats (and drinks!) Is there anything more a girl can ask for in this world?

My Saturday was spent rocking out at WJRR’s Earthday Birthday, the annual rock fest put on by Orlando’s rock radio station. The lineup wasn’t as good as Next Big Thing, but that’s not to say it wasn’t a hell of a show!

Earthday Birthday 18

Of all the bands playing, I was most excited to see A Day to Remember.

A Day to Remember Guitarist

Their lyrics rock my world. No lie. When I found out they were playing a forty minute set, I almost lost it. Yes, I am that fan.

Homesick Album Cover What Separates Me from You Album Cover For Those Who Have Heart Album Cover

Want to pump up your next workout? If you’re down with a dash of hard rock, hit up iTunes STAT for this A Day to Remember playlist:

  • All I Want
  • NJ Legion Iced Tea
  • Homesick
  • Monument
  • I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made Of?
  • Have Faith in Me
  • Another Song About the Weekend
  • Over my Head
  • Out of Time

Good. Stuff. Hardcore Barbie guarantees it. Yes, I have actually been nicknamed hardcore Barbie. Apparently a girl with sparkly pink fingernails rocking out to ADTR is quite the paradox.

blog 622

I suspected that most of the food at Earthday Birthday would be chicken fingers or corn dogs. My suspicions were correct, and while the delicious Arnold Palmers may have been worth $6 each, fried meat on a stick was decidedly not.

Thankfully, I’d started the morning with a bagel with Smart Balance Light and organic baby spinach before I headed over to Tinker Field.

blog 615

blog 614

I headed out before the headliners came on (Sevendust and Godsmack aren’t exactly my cup of coffee) and drove over to Cowboys, a country line dancing bar.

First off, let it be known that Cowboys was not my idea. However, since I had enjoyed a full afternoon of good music, I was willing to subject myself to an entire evening of Shania Twain and Tim McGraw…if only because it meant seeing the Coach for a few hours.


After such a jam-packed Saturday, you’d better believe the vast majority of my Sunday was spent recovering from the comfort of my bed. My trademark morning-after croissanwich from Burger King was consumed, but normal eats resumed that afternoon.

Lunch was an entire roasting pan full of garlic broccoli, Calabaza squash and eggplant with dill.

blog 606

Dinner deserves its own recipe post – it’ll make its appearance sometime this week! I finally tackled one of the few veggies that I have refused to try since I was a little girl…any guesses as to what it was?

What trouble did you get yourself into this weekend? Or was it more of a much-needed relaxation break?


6 Comments on “Rock it Out”

  1. I like stuff like this! My music- my life!!

  2. Oooooh….looks like fun! Big concerts and tours are always my favorite…cant wait till it’s warm enough for outdoor concerts again here in Colorado. We’re almost there. My weekend revolved around the half marathon that I ran yesterday. Tough course, but all in good fun. 🙂

  3. did you roast that eggplant yourself? I’ve always wanted to be so talented

    • Faith says:

      Aww, thanks! But in all honesty it’s not complicated at all – I just sliced it, drizzled on some olive oil and spices, and threw it in the oven @ 350*, flipping it every once in a while until it was good and cooked!

  4. I had a low-key weekend, but I didn’t get enough sleep … it was like I was trying to solve math equations in my sleep and I kept tossing and turning all night, solving problems!

  5. sounds like a fun time! LOL @ hardcore barbie 🙂
    Was it brussels sprouts?!

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