Intention of the Evening

At the beginning of most yoga classes, the students are instructed to set an intention for their practice. My intentions typically address releasing stress, trusting my body or some variaton thereof.

Even though I had a yoga 2 class scheduled for last night, I hadn’t done a traditional cardio + weights workout in almost two weeks. I felt like my body was craving a more intense session, so I opted out of the yoga class and headed for the gym instead. Before I kicked things into gear, though, I decided to set an intention for the workout: Balls to the wall.

How utterly yogini of me 😉

I started with a simple arms and shoulders circuit: 3 sets of 10 reps each for the following:

  • Inverted Fly
  • Bicep Curl
  • Lat Pull Down (my FAVORITE!)
  • Aerobox Punches
  • French Presses

I followed the circuit with my first attempt at the Smith Machine. A staple at every gym I’ve ever been to, I’ve always been scared of this particular contraption, but I tentatively completed a few simple squats with 10 pounds weights. I would have loved to do more, but I was afraid of injuring myself from not knowing how to use it correctly!



Cardio was up next: I started with an easy mile at 6 mph and then ramped it up for some interval sprints! I alternated .10 miles at 8.2 mph with .05 miles at 3 mph for recovery. I had to return to my intention quite a few times during the speedwork, but I stuck it out for all seven sets I had planned! Thanks for a pumpin’ Pandora lineup, I even knocked out the last sprint at 9 mph. For me, that’s lightening! This girl is not built for speed.

A nine minute mile  on the elliptical – with resistance levels varying from 5 to 10 –  rounded out the evening. I proceeded to shower, set my alarm for an additional hour of sleep and crash!

Breakfast this morning was a simple lineup:

Yogurt, Fruit, Flax and Nuts

Plain fat free Chobani, strawberries, flax seed, organic walnuts and blackberry vanilla preserves.

Yogurt, Fruit, Flax and Nuts

I was definitely not as hungry as I had thought I would be after last night’s workout, but I rolled with it! Now I’d better roll my behind in to the office…lots of writing to get done today! I’ll catch ya tonight with a great high-protein vegan recipe you’ll defeinitely want to whip up sometime this weekend!

Do you ever set intentions for yoga practices, runs or other workouts?


6 Comments on “Intention of the Evening”

  1. brandi says:

    sounds like a great workout! the intention I need to work on right is just DOING it! I’ve gotten into a non-workout rut after the winter/surgery/moving, and it is hard to get back into it.

  2. I think that setting intentions are great because they keep you focused on that goal rather than just kind of going through the motions of your workout. Your strawbs look yummy btw!

  3. Setting intentions is a great idea!!!!! 😀
    Can’t wait for the recipe!

  4. I really cannot calm my mind down enough to perform yoga. I get bored so quickly and know it’s beneficial for my body, but can’t seem to concentrate!
    And your breakfast looks great, those pictures are so nice!

  5. I love this: “I had to return to my intention quite a few times during the speedwork” !!
    I don’t really set intentions, but when I’m doing cardio I “dedicate” half a mile to someone…like this .5 miles is for my boyfriend, and this one is for my mom. It’s kind of silly but it works!

  6. Sometimes I sent intentions before working out, and I think they help push me.

    I love the saying “balls to the walls.” 🙂

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