Ad Lib

Life is really good about never going the way we intend it to.

The way I see it, that leaves us with two options: Sulk about the failed plans, or hop on board with a new one. Sometimes, the latter requires a good bit of thinking on your feet.

Luckily, I’m pretty good at ad libbing!

Empty cereal box? No more bananas? Gasp – out of oatmeal?

No sweat: roll with a yogurt mess for breakfast.

yogurt, muffin and fruit

Plain chobani, a lemon muffin from Sweet Tomatoes, locally grown strawberries and flax seeds.


So your lunch bag ripped along the seams and spilt your baggies of pistachios, carrots and berries on the sidewalk without you even noticing, and your container of soup spilled when it hit the ground later that morning?

lululemon bag

Don’t sweat it. Snag a salad from Eden Fresh.

eden fresh salad 

Even though the menu featured a ton of exotic items like sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts, I decided to save those options for another visit and instead chose a fairly basic mix of romaine, chickpeas, black olives, onions, tomatoes, carrots and hardboiled eggs.

When the raspberry chipotle tofu dinner that you’d planned since Tuesday night comes out absolutely jack nasty, feel free to pout for a moment…

gross sauce

Photograph it so the next morning you can blog about how much it resembles dog food…

chipotle tofu

And promptly abandon ship!

asian noodles and peanut sauce

So what if I’ve had spicy, fruity tofu on the brain for days now? Impromptu Asian was far more tasty than the marinade fail!

bean noodles and veggies

I cooked up a small packed of mei fun (bean noodles – my favorite!) and opened cans of baby corn, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. In a small pan I melted together a dash of veggie broth, peanut butter, soy sauce and red pepper flakes.

It was tasty, but it still needed more work before becoming a full-on recipe post!

Time to do the work thaaang. EIGHT HOURS TILL THE WEEKEND!

What do you do when things don’t go according to plan?


5 Comments on “Ad Lib”

  1. leashieloo says:

    Yum, the yogurt mess looks awesome. Love the addition of the muffin!

  2. major bummer about your shopping bag! but so glad you’re an ad libbing pro 🙂 have a great weekend!

  3. I use my Lululemon bag as a lunch bag too!
    I usually just go with the flow of whatever is happening around me…I don’t ever really have a “plan” which isn’t always a good thing! But it does save me from stressing out sometimes 🙂

  4. I love love love yogurt messes! I also laughed about your lunch bag, becaue I also use a lulu bag to carry my lunch, and it also ripped recently

  5. pawsitivelife says:

    Those lululemon bags are so versitile :). I stopped using mine as a lunch bag as I was getting freaked out over spills…silly since its just a shopping bag

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