Look Your Best Naturally (All You Need is Surgery)

Last week, I recieved a copy of Central Florida Lifestyle in the mail. The mini magazine is distributed throughout several Orlando neighborhoods and covers local businesses and residents that are doing notable things.

central florida lifestyle

As soon as I pulled it out of the mailbox, my eyes honed in on one thing: Look your best naturally!” a headline read, followed by the sponsoring organization – the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery.

natural plastic surgery 

I’m not one to mince words, but are they honestly suggesting that plastic surgery is a natural way of enhancing a woman’s beauty?

Before casting judgment, I flipped to the actual article. Perhaps, I thought, the center was offering tips that simply supplemented their services, such as wearing sunscreen and avoiding sugar to reduce bloat.

Instead, however, the article opened with the surgeon’s claim that he offers the “latest beauty procedure to make patients beautiful without downtime, general anesthesia, chemical fillers or foreign objects.”

natural surgery

I wasn’t sure what I took more issue with: the claim that surgery was a natural option, or the claim that it could make patients beautiful, as though they were ogres before seeking the center’s services.

I’m certainly not anti-surgery. If a procedure can help you feel more beautiful and more comfortable in your body, by all means – go for it. But to claim that surgery can produce natural beauty? No chance. Natural is a touch of mascara. Natural is working your butt off – literally – to see physical results that you’re looking for. Natural is not plopping down in a doctor’s office and having them cut fat from your body or pump substances into your breasts.

Furthermore, to blatantly play off your target market’s insecurities and sell the procedure as a way to become beautiful? I’m appalled by the message. I spent years exploring every avenue I could to “become beautiful.” Many of those methods were incredibly dangerous, yet was I a more beautiful person after starving myself for days on end or swallowing countless diet pills? No chance. In fact, the first time I truly felt beautiful was when I accepted my body the way it was – curves and all.

Shame on the writer for so blatantly twisting words, shame on the editor for allowing it, and shame on the company for suggesting that an operation can magically – and naturally – make an individual who was naturally gorgeous to begin with more beautiful.

Where do you stand? Plastic surgery – natural or not?


8 Comments on “Look Your Best Naturally (All You Need is Surgery)”

  1. I’m definitely not a huge fan of plastic surgery, and really don’t think its natural!!!!! I can understand someone having a procedure if its absolutely necessary, but to say that it’ll make you beautiful is completely wrong, I think!

  2. I wish people could just be happy the way that they are. It pains me to see people who have sliced up their bodies in the name of vanity.
    In neither for nor against plastic surgery because I feel like it is a personal choice, but I wish people didn’t feel like they needed it. 😦
    Lovely post.

  3. leashieloo says:

    If I had my way, we would all just accept ourselves the way we are. It’s a dicey subject for me, because on the other hand, I would never tell someone what they can and can’t do to their bodies. I’ve known people who didn’t have the capability to love themselves until they went under the knife. While I didn’t like their choice, the drastic change in their self love was evident and I couldn’t fault them. It’s rough.

  4. I feel that plastic surgery is a personal choice but it makes me angry to read things like on that magazine! Are you for real? Seriously? Give me a break!

  5. i definitely agree! plastic surgery = as far from natural as you can get!

  6. I think it’s a tricky topic. Personally I’d say I’d never get plastic surgery because I wish everyone could accept themselves (and be accepted) just the way they are. However, I know it’s hard when it seems as if lots of OTHER people are changing themselves artificially and end up looking “better”. I’m also 100% for self confidence, and if plastic surgery drastically changes someone’s outlook in a positive way, then maybe that’s a good option! I wish that EVERYONE would stop doing it, and then no one would feel the need. Great post with substance!

  7. Ummm – definitely NOT natural! LOL!

  8. Sonia says:

    I vote not natural!! Definitely not…
    I do agree with you though that plastic surgery can be good if it helps you to be more comfortable or feel better about yourself (hopefully after you’ve tried more natural methods of feeling better!).
    Awesome post!

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