All in Favor Say “Aye”

All in favor of an indulgent Friday breakfast, say Aye!

pancakes with eggs

I woke up dying for chocolate chip pancakes, but I also wanted something on the savory side of the spectrum as well.

pancake and egg breakfast

I whipped up two buttermilk pancakes from an Arrowhead Mills mix, added a few tablespoons of chocolate chips, and topped them with a swipe of Earth Balance.

A serving of egg beaters + half a slice of muenster cheese addressed the savory craving! 

All in favor of following the Casey Anthony case, say Aye!

Not only is it absolutely fascinating, but the Casey Anthony trial is actually being held in my town’s courthouse! Better yet is the fact that I pass by every day on my way to work.

Orange county courthouse

I’ve been sucked in by the media circus!

Casey Anthony Media

All in favor of simple, high-protein snacks, say Aye!

blog 2367

All in favor of repeating your dinner for lunch, say aye!

Some meals, such as vegan taco salad, are just worth having twice in less than 24 hours!

vegan taco salad

Thursday’s dinner (and Friday’s lunch) was a perfect pile of romaine, TJ’s ranch salsa, vegan sloppy joe crumbles and a dash of melted mozzarella Daiya.

blog 1028

Fantastic World Foods makes some of my favorite boxed mixes for speed and convenience. Their vegetarian sloppy joe mix was no exception!

All in favor of pointy toed shoes, say aye! (And if they’re completely dreadful, tell my outdated azz nay!)

charles david leather pumps

I usually go for rounded pumps (when I’m not rocking a sandal or flip-flop), but I couldn’t resist the super sale on these leather Charles David pumps. I figure they’re classic enough to work, but I always feel odd with pointed shoes. Thoughts?

All in favor of getting to work on time…say…“Faith, get the heck off your blog!”

See ya when it’s officially the weekend!

Pointy-toed shoes: yay or nay? Are you following the Casey Anthony case? And lastly, what’s your biggest foodie “yay” lately?


10 Comments on “All in Favor Say “Aye””

  1. Your breakfast looks amazing! 😀
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You know what I would have done… Stuck the eggs+cheese between the pancakes. Holy sweet and savory I wish I hadn’t already had breakfast.
    I dont really wear pointy toe shoes, but I think the look good on people! As you know, I’m not a fashionista. 😉

  3. leashieloo says:

    I can’t help but be interested in that case, I couldn’t imagine the circus going on in your town!

  4. Sarah says:

    I like pointy-toed shoes- especially with jeans!

  5. Sonia says:

    yay to pointy toes! And i’m semi-following the case- my boyfriend is following it and I get daily updates 🙂
    And biggest recent foodie yay is definitely socca pizza! I found a recipe online and have made it twice so far- will post it tonight!

  6. Indulgent breakfasts are the best!

  7. Kat says:

    I’m ok with pointy shoes as long as they are worn like you did. It makes the point more subtle and less harsh to me. I don’t like the look of pointy toes and dress/skirts though. To me it takes away from the outfit, but what do I know, I’d live barefoot if I could 😉

  8. Jenny says:

    Those chocolate chips pancakes look amazing!:D Those pointy shoes are so cute, I wish I found a comfy pair! 😀

  9. I’ll admit it (since you asked), I haaate pointy-toe shoes. All I can think is witch shoes.

    And I have no idea what the Casey Anthony case is.

    But for food yay, today I had baked beans for the first time in foreva. And they were delicious.

  10. I can’t wear pointy shoes – they hurt me!

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