And Then It Got Gross

This Casey Anthony trial has me hook, line and sinker! For those of you with a life not obsessing over the case, the prosecution is presenting the forensics evidence right now, and I find it unbelievably fascinating.

Chloroform, bones and cadaver dogs? SO much better than any episode of CSI!

Somehow, despite the goriness of crime scene investigations, my appetite was still raging at lunchtime. I started with a seemingly gorgeous bowl of raw spinach…


And then it got gross!

health valley lentil couscous

I warmed up a container of Heath Valley Lentil Couscous soup and beefed it up with mushrooms and organic yellow carrots, then slapped it on top of the greens.

Does it not look….appetizing? For those of you who have yet to eat dinner, let’s not even begin to discuss what it resembles.

I rolled with a slightly more appealing dinner – grilled tofu steaks with honey mustard:

tofu steak

tofu steaks with honey mustard

With a happy little side salad of romaine, carrots and tomatoes:

blog 1091

Much more aesthetically pleasing, no?

Gotta bounce – the evening awaits 🙂 Have a great Wednesday night!


5 Comments on “And Then It Got Gross”

  1. Gen says:

    Sometimes the not-so-pretty food tastes the best!!! 😀
    Hope you had an awesome day!

  2. kris says:

    I second Gen! I actually thought that was steamed and mashed eggplant at first, but lentils couscous sounds just as good!

  3. Actually…I think it looks pretty darn good 🙂
    But I agree, the grossest looking food is always the best tasting!

  4. Gen’s right, sometimes the ugliest of foods taste the bestest!!

  5. Mmmm, tofu with honey mustard sounds great!

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