Planning Around It

Good morning! Happy Friday to you!

You ready for a little bit of fashion action this morning?

blog 1320

I’m not here to talk about learning to accept your chubby, wrinkly toes (feet are always funky-looking in one way or another – I’ll live with the sausage toes!)

I’m here to talk about the beauty of an icon.

blog 1324

The teeniest, tiniest detail on a shoe that can make any woman salivate: the little red sole.

blog 1322

I scored my first pair of Louboutins the other day (far far FAR from retail price!) and have been dying to wear them. I’m not the kind of person to hide away something “nice” for a “special moment” – if I pay good money for them, the hell if I’m going to tuck them in my closet where they gather dust!

That’s why, for this regular, ordinary Friday, I broke them out and built my entire outfit around them:


 Tank: Rebecca Beeson; Skirt: Anthropologie (Maeve); Shoes: Christian Louboutin.

Shall way say that today will not be a day that I walk to work?

Since I had almost half a container of blackberries in my fridge, teetering on the verge of being lost to the too-old-to-eat-fruit monster, I planned my entire breakfast around them.

organic cereal with fruit

  • Whole Foods 365 Organic Honey Crunch cereal
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Almond slivers
  • Chia seeds
  • Almond Milk

fruit and cereal breakfast

I have a feeling the rest of my day will be planned around coffee runs and mini meetings. Good stuff!

See ya when it’s the weekend!

 Do you prefer to save your “nicer” things for fancy occasions, or are you a wear-whenever kind of person? And do you ever plan an entire outfit around a single piece?


10 Comments on “Planning Around It”

  1. LOVE the shoes!!!!!

    I’ve been guilty too many times to plan an outfit around one piece like a necklace! Hey, if I like it and want to show it off, I’m going to!

  2. Your outfits are always so cute! Can I steal your wardrobe??? 🙂

  3. Gen says:

    Those shoes are amazing!!!!!! 😀

  4. Rachel says:

    LOVE the shoes, and the outfit!

    I wear my fancy things all the time, I feel like it’s not worth it to buy something that I’m only going to wear twice a year. And almost every day, I plan my outfits around one item – usually shoes, a belt, or tights!

  5. Cuteee! I’ve planned outfits around a single piece of jewelry or shoes, but generally I like to mix and match my ‘nicer’ things with more casual pieces.

  6. Allison says:

    I love that bowl!!!!

  7. cardiopizza says:

    Cute outfit! I love finding great deals on dresses for special’s fun to dress up once in a while because for the most part I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda’ girl! 🙂

  8. Jenny says:

    Cute shoes, you look adorable in that outfit 🙂 I use to save the nice things for special occasions but not anymore!! You live once, use it 😀

  9. I pretty much plan all my outfits around a single piece 🙂 I am also a wear it whenever kind of girl – saving things for special occasions is not my style … EVERY DAY is a special occasion!

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