Lebanese Lunch Break

Looks like we survived another day!

Between writing assignments, some of my coworkers and I slipped out for lunch at Café Annie, a Lebanese restaurant in Orlando’s business district. I’ve ordered takeout from Annie’s several different times, but this was the first time I ate in!

Cafe Annie

The black bean soup that I ordered was spot-on, but I felt like the café salad was definitely overpriced for literally five pieces of Iceberg lettuce, a cucumber sliver and two tomato slices. C’mon guys, you can do better than that!

black bean soup and salad

At least I had great company – it was an awesome bonding moment with my team!

As we were leaving, I overheard the owner reaming out his busboy. I’m not talking about constructive criticism here – I mean a harsh, name-calling, belittling diatribe. What made it worse is that the two times I’ve previously visited, I’ve also heard him speak just as demeaningly to his other employees, and my coworkers have passed on their own horror stories about his temper. Not cool at all! I know not everyone is always sunshine and giggles, but his demeanor was so off-putting that I don’t feel good about bringing him my business.

I’ve got a barbeque to go to tonight, so it’s time to slip out of the work wear and into something I can play volleyball in!


Dress, Susana Monaco. Belt, Vintage. Shoes, Manolo Blahnik

I think the game should take care of my 30 minutes of exercise for the day! Should be a blast – I haven’t played volleyball since trying out for the team my senior year of high school (I didn’t make it!)

Have you ever been so offended by the attitudes of a clerk, salesperson, waiter, etc that you have been completely turned off to the establishment? What would make you bring your business elsewhere?


3 Comments on “Lebanese Lunch Break”

  1. I LOVE your outfit; especially that belt! If a storeperson is rude to me directly I will not bring my business back. However if it’s too an employee I usually shake my head, but I will go back. I’ve seen it happen a couple of times in restaurants to the wait staff and I usually end up leaving a whopper of a tip because I feel bad for the person 🙂 I guess I’m a bit of a bleeding heart 🙂

  2. leashieloo says:

    That is such a cute outfit! And yes, I’ve totally cut ties with businesses that treat their customers like crap. I’ve yet to see anyone berate their staff like that, but that would also turn me off!

  3. Yes, I have definitely been so turned off by the attitude of a clerk/salesperson etc. that I have stopped going to an establishment.

    There is nothing worse than poor service when you are paying for a service!

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