Does Anything Beat Free Cookies?

I thought I had the most ingenious plan for breakfast.


I’d whipped together plain Greek yogurt with a scoop of Acai powder for a sweet/tart flavoring, thrown on plenty of toppings and photographed away…


…Only to dream of yesterday’s dessert as I was eating it!


I may or may not have “sold” my contact information to SunTrust bank in exchange for the goods…but oh how good it was!

The moment of ecstasy from the free chocolatey, peanut buttery goodness will be worth the countless phone calls and fliers that I’m sure I’ll receive in the near future!

Also in the {very} near future: Chelsey’s vegan egg salad!


I stole a few spoonfuls from the batch I made last night as I was assembling my sandwich, and I can already vouch for its deliciousness.


Is it lunchtime yet?

And more importantly, will CookieTrust be back in my building’s lobby anytime soon?


6 Comments on “Does Anything Beat Free Cookies?”

  1. cardiopizza says:

    I would do that for a free cookie too haha 🙂

    I was looking at that recipe the other day and it’s very intriguing! I love salad type foods….and I think i’d enjoy that tofu salad.

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious! I love how blueberries are in season and so inexpensive right now. I have baskets taking over my fridge!

  3. Cait's Plate says:

    Um, I can answer that for you – NO WAY!! Nothing beats free cookies 😉 I saw that vegan egg salad on Chelsey’s blog – I’m dying to make it myself!

  4. I don’t think anything beats free cookies.

  5. Sonia says:

    mmm I love free cookies! I basically love any kind of free food 🙂 The egg salad looks yummy! I’ve never had actual egg salad but I love the tofu version.

  6. Free food is always good!!! Free money is even better 🙂

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