Big Money

Good morning! Hope you’re all feeling good after the three-day weekend!

Mine kicked off with an awesome Saturday night trip to Derby Lane, a dog racing track in Saint Petersburg.

Dog Track

Derby Lane

I had no idea what was going on for the first several races, but I caught on to the basics pretty quickly: you eat, you drink, dogs chase a mechanical rabbit, you peruse a program and attempt to understand the barrage of numbers and you toss a few bucks down on the dog you think has the best chance of winning (or the one who has the coolest name).

Got it? Good.

Me neither 😉

The buffet was mainly seafood, but I still managed to get my fill of asparagus and roasted veggies.

Derby Lane Dinner

Since I’m not a big gambler, the $2 buy-in was the perfect way to try my hand at betting without wagering anything I would be majorly upset to lose.

Derby Lane Ticket

I lost a few, but I lucked out on one quiniela – a choice of two dogs to come in first and second (in either order).

I walked away with a whopping thirty bucks. Heck, I tripled what I came with – that’s good enough for me!

derby 005

The next two days were spent chillin’ out, maxin, relaxing all cool…and eating some more traditional 4th of July fare with the Coach and his family.

Vegetarian barbeque plate

You’ll be seeing plenty of that salad around here for the next few days – I grabbed several more bags of it at Publix after falling in love with it on Sunday!

Time to toss back a quick smoothie and get Hales downstairs!

strawberry smoothie

Welcome back to the real world!

Are you a gambler, or are you more financially conservative like me? What are your thoughts on trying your luck?


7 Comments on “Big Money”

  1. Honestly, I am like you. I don’t see the point since most people seem to lose their money when gambling.

  2. Gen says:

    Sounds like a fun day!
    I’m definitely not a gambler……it makes me sorta nervous. 😛

  3. cardiopizza says:

    I’ve gambled lightly with slot machines and that sort of thing…but I’m not a big fan of it. I’d rather save my money haha!

  4. I hate parting with my money through a bet! I’d much rather hit the mall and have something to show for my hard-earned dollars 🙂 ….although my husband likes to gamble a bit and I’m always happy when he wins!!

  5. I’m a pretty terrible gambler. I’m way too conservative and would rather just go shopping so I can get something when I lose my money 🙂

  6. I’m not a gambler at all…I’m such a tight wad! Haha.

  7. I enjoy gambling in terms of playing poker, but I won’t spend more than $20 for an evening of fun. I haven’t played any gambling game in probably two years, but we used to once in a while.

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