A Few Days Late

I am probably the worst person on earth for remembering dates.

No, seriously, I’m awful.

Birthdays? Oh hey, is that today? Mother’s Day? Oh shoot, I’m supposed to be chilling with my madre, not running off to a concert…I thought today might have been something important!

I’ll probably even forget my own wedding day. Sad but true.

It’s no surprise to me that with my date-confusion, I skipped all of the patriotic-themed meals on the weekend of the 4th but busted out a red, white and blue breakfast today instead.


Kashi GoLean + strawbs and bloobs


Could someone kindly pass me a firecracker?

I will always remember yesterday, though, as the day that the entire Casey Anthony fiasco drew to a close.


It definitely felt like watching history as all of my office filed into the CEO’s office to watch the verdict be handed down.

It was so surreal looking out of his window at the actual building where the live action was going down. The whole city was abuzz after the final judgment had been passed! Sirens even went off a few minutes after the decision had been read, and we all wondered if a riot had broken out! (Thankfully it hadn’t.)

What on Earth am I going to do with myself at work now that the trial is over? You mean…I should actually…pay attention?

Do you remember dates and times well? I swear, my brain just isn’t designed to keep track of numbers like that!


7 Comments on “A Few Days Late”

  1. leashieloo says:

    We were all in a tizzy in the Midwest over the verdict, TOTAL shock. I can’t even imagine the hoopla going on in your neck of the woods!

  2. I work downtown too, right by the court house! Luckily, I worked from home yesterday, so I could watch it all unfold from the comfort of my house. I’m just excited to have Nancy Grace get her butt out of Orlando!

  3. cardiopizza says:

    I am pretty good at remembering dates…although I have my moments where I am brain dead hah!

  4. I’m so bad with dates it’s not even funny. I have everything marked down in my calendar, down to everyone’s birthday, anniversary… everything. Each of them reminds me 1 day before, and 1 hour before an event. It’s really helped!

  5. I think I remember dates quite well, but I also make sure to write them down in a day book.

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