Two Big Moves

Hey guys! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend!

I finally had the chance to rest and tackle some of the big things on my months-old to-do list. It’s seriously amazing what some much-needed sleep and some attention for the neglected areas of your life can do!

One such neglected area: a night out with my man!


Minor detail that I’ve neglected to mention: After several months of a working through a really complicated situation, The Coach and I got back together.

There are some things that I just don’t feel compelled to broadcast on the blog, but at the risk of sounding ridiculously gushy, I think that if two people are really good for each other, they can get  through the bumps and rough patches to move beyond the complications that any relationship is going to have. We seem to be doing a pretty good job of working through them, and at the end of the day, we’re both happy and in love.

Can’t get much better than that 😉

Since this weekend was his last weekend before moving to Jacksonville for a coaching position, we went out for an uh.mazing dinner and a few shenanigans. The two hour distance really isn’t a lot, but with both of us juggling massively busy schedules, I wanted to get in at least one more night of quality time before we have to deal with the semi-long-distance factor!

The next morning definitely called for drive-thru breakfast.

blog 012

I slept through Burger King’s breakfast hours, so I had to settle for Dunkin Donuts – even though a bagel sandwich is never really “settling” in my book!

As I brought myself back to a human state, I flipped through the post-trial news coverage of the Casey Anthony case. Things were crazy here on Thursday as Judge Perry announced her sentencing!

blog 009

blog 007

blog 008

Is it terrible that if, in the event that Casey (or anyone involved with her case) published a book, I’d be the first in line to buy it – even knowing that it would probably be more fictional than an issue of the National Enquirer?

The Other Big Move

After more than a year of blogging at Lovely as Charged, I took a good look at what the blog, its “vibe” and what direction it was going, as well as the direction that I want to see it go in.

I came to the decision that I wanted a clean start, and although I’ve transferred over the posts and pages from this blog, I reworked the layout, developed new pages and am finally ready to launch For the Health of It,where I intend to keep blogging permanently.

What you’ll continue to get:

  • Healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes
  • Workouts and workout playlists
  • “Life” posts
  • Reviews and giveaways

What I’m hoping to give you more of:

  • More thoughtful and creative posts
  • More positivity
  • More “community”
  • More humor

Thank you all for all of your support and readership. Hopefully you’ll continue to read over at! (Please be sure to update your RSS feed if you’d like to keep receiving posts through Google Reader, Bloglovin or email!)


5 Comments on “Two Big Moves”

  1. I’m glad everything is good with you and your Coach 🙂
    That DD bagel sandwich looks great- I love their breakfast! It pains me to say this but McD’s egg mcmuffin w/o the bacon is delicious to me! Add a hashbrown and I’m in heaven…
    I love your new site…can’t wait to check it out! I’m in the process of gussying up my site as well…details will come soon!

  2. Great announcements! Congrats on the working out of the relationship!

  3. Yay, Faith!! Congrats on the blog move! I love the name of it- so cute!!! 🙂

  4. Congrats to you!!!! I am going over to the new space now to click “follow” 🙂

  5. leashieloo says:

    Congrat on all the great news! I would seriously be terrified to be a jury member, it seems like they’re almost as hated as Casey!

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