Two Big Moves

Hey guys! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend!

I finally had the chance to rest and tackle some of the big things on my months-old to-do list. It’s seriously amazing what some much-needed sleep and some attention for the neglected areas of your life can do!

One such neglected area: a night out with my man!


Minor detail that I’ve neglected to mention: After several months of a working through a really complicated situation, The Coach and I got back together.

There are some things that I just don’t feel compelled to broadcast on the blog, but at the risk of sounding ridiculously gushy, I think that if two people are really good for each other, they can get  through the bumps and rough patches to move beyond the complications that any relationship is going to have. We seem to be doing a pretty good job of working through them, and at the end of the day, we’re both happy and in love.

Can’t get much better than that 😉

Since this weekend was his last weekend before moving to Jacksonville for a coaching position, we went out for an uh.mazing dinner and a few shenanigans. The two hour distance really isn’t a lot, but with both of us juggling massively busy schedules, I wanted to get in at least one more night of quality time before we have to deal with the semi-long-distance factor!

The next morning definitely called for drive-thru breakfast.

blog 012

I slept through Burger King’s breakfast hours, so I had to settle for Dunkin Donuts – even though a bagel sandwich is never really “settling” in my book!

As I brought myself back to a human state, I flipped through the post-trial news coverage of the Casey Anthony case. Things were crazy here on Thursday as Judge Perry announced her sentencing!

blog 009

blog 007

blog 008

Is it terrible that if, in the event that Casey (or anyone involved with her case) published a book, I’d be the first in line to buy it – even knowing that it would probably be more fictional than an issue of the National Enquirer?

The Other Big Move

After more than a year of blogging at Lovely as Charged, I took a good look at what the blog, its “vibe” and what direction it was going, as well as the direction that I want to see it go in.

I came to the decision that I wanted a clean start, and although I’ve transferred over the posts and pages from this blog, I reworked the layout, developed new pages and am finally ready to launch For the Health of It,where I intend to keep blogging permanently.

What you’ll continue to get:

  • Healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes
  • Workouts and workout playlists
  • “Life” posts
  • Reviews and giveaways

What I’m hoping to give you more of:

  • More thoughtful and creative posts
  • More positivity
  • More “community”
  • More humor

Thank you all for all of your support and readership. Hopefully you’ll continue to read over at! (Please be sure to update your RSS feed if you’d like to keep receiving posts through Google Reader, Bloglovin or email!)


It’s Not Me, It’s You

Funny how the weekend always seems to be a blur by the time Monday rolls around…


Is it really already Monday?


Yep, sensible breakfast…it must be the workweek again!

It’s Not Me, It’s You

Last night, I re-read the comments that past readers have left on my About Me pages. I haven’t looked at either of those posts in quite some time, and re-reading the outpouring of encouragement and support absolutely floored me.

When I started my blog, I had been reading Oh She Glows for several months. I identified so much with Angela’s story and was so inspired that I decided to launch my own blog in the hopes that even one woman could find a little piece of herself in my own story and know that she was not alone.

Pouring over the comments you left over the last 16 months, I felt like the luckiest blogger in the world. Not due to my technology, my writing skills, my photography or even my blog setup – but because of my readers. It’s not me that makes this blog interesting – it’s you all.

Without your empathy and understanding, I’m just a crazy lady who bakes with flax eggs and photographs her yogurt before she eats it. Without you, this would just be a collection of jumbled words, thoughts and recipes. It’s only because of your continued support and kindness that Lovely as Charged is a place of positivity and love within the blogging community. Thank you so much for all of your comments, emails, comradery and readership – I love you all and am continually grateful for all of the conversations that we can have!

Do You See What I See?

Lovely As Charged - Mozilla Firefox 1232011 31431 PM.bmp

Look veeeery closely…

Lovely As Charged - Mozilla Firefox 1232011 31431 PM.bmp

Yes, my friends, I finally took the plunge – Lovely as Charged officially has her own domain! Exciting stuff! She’s rapidly approaching her first birthday – I can’t believe it’ll be a year in February!

I’m now going to stop creepily referring to my blog as a “she” and talk about food now 🙂

blog 1741

Since the playoffs were commanding most of my attention, I went with a dinner that required little thought and even less preparation: a simple lettuce and tomato salad and a cup of Health Valley Lentil Couscous soup served over fresh baby spinach for an extra pop of iron.

blog 1742

Open mouth, insert food, jump up and cuss out the Bears defense for sleeping on the field, repeat.

blog 1739

I’m just now noticing how…unappealing…that soup looks. Sorry to subject you to it. I’m also sorry to report that it definitely tasted like a “healthy” soup – i.e. tasteless. Nothing a little garlic salt couldn’t fix, of course. Is there anything garlic salt can’t revive?

Well…maybe breakfast.

blog 2178

Rich, creamy peach Chobani* – one of my absolute favorite flavors – topped with Peace Cereal Mango-Peach flakes and Walnuts. Note the absence of garlic salt.

Well, m’dears, work beckons. Have a wonderful Monday!

*The Chobani was kindly sent over as a sample from the company.

Statements and Questions

Statement: Jimmy Johns is crap.

(Good evening to you, by the way. Surely there was a more tactful way to begin this post but I am still bitter about today’s waste of a lunch.)


The quality of the sandwich was about on par with the quality of my cell phone picture. Skimpy avocado spread, 80 cent upcharge for wheat bread, three lousy vegetable choices? Jimmy Johns, I’m going to need you to have a better vegetarian option.

Question: Orlando residents/visitors: What are your favorite vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the area? Bonus points if they’re downtown!

Statement: I adore the lat pull down machine.

Question: What are your favorite at-home ab exercises? I hardly ever do ab work, and I really need to change that!

Statement: Pizza makes a wonderful post-gym snack. Especially when you’re so hungry it feels like your legs are hollow because no matter how much food you get into your stomach, you just. aren’t. full.

blog 2137

Statement: Bikram yoga is perhaps the most boring workout I’ve ever done. Although it was challenging – especially for my quadriceps – I couldn’t stay focused on the series (especially the second time going through it!) I suppose I’m more of a power flow/ashtanga kind of yogini!

Question: Are you aware of any Orlando yoga studios offering introductory specials for new students? Orlando Power Yoga has a 40 days for 40 dollars special that I’m really interested in, but I’d love to hear about any other options out there!

Question: Those of you who have successfully switched a blog from wordpress to self-hosted on your own: is it really that hard? And what is this hosting business that wordpress wants $20/month for? Do I need to pay for hosting if I purchase my own domain? If I’m not incredibly technologically savvy, will I be in over my head?

Question: Those of you who live in an apartment: What sort of utility bills do you pay? I don’t need monetary amounts, I just want to compile a list so that in the event that I decide to move to Orlando in the near future, I’m able to budget ahead of time.

Statement: I gotta peace out. The new season of Tosh.0 premieres tonight and The Coach is headed over to watch it. I known well enough by now that I’m going to need to have food ready when he gets here, otherwise I’ll be dragged around the aisles of Publix in frantic search for couscous ingredients and/or ice cream.


Andy Warhol and Betty Crocker Had a Lovechild.



blog 1831


blog 1777

I’ve been baking since 3 pm and playing in Picasa since 7.

Someone please put me to bed.

You Win Some, You Lose Some.

I’m gonna jump out on a limb here and say that setting off a smoke detector in the process of making fried chicken would be a loss.

I invited a few friends over for dinner last night and our whole attempt at a meal was rather…special.

The Coach decided to fry his chicken; the Forever Roomie and I made macaroni and cheese that turned out more like two separate entities with the misfortune of being in the same pot; and Roomie’s sister created an apple not-so-crisp.

But hey, the green beans were good 😉

The smoke had cleared by the morning, so I went with a tried-and-true Smoothie in a Bowl topped with some Wheaties Fuel.

blog 1729

Peyton Manning’s face on a box can sell me anything 😉

blog 1730

You win some, you lose some 🙂

Speaking of which – squigglefloey, you just won my Chobani giveaway!

Giving Mornings a Second Chance Giveaway « Lovely As Charged - Mozilla Firefox 1282010 73327 AM.bmp

Mocha Chocolate would definitely be DELISH!

I’ve got a great semi-homemade Asian recipe for y’all tonight – quick, easy, and best of all, almost impossible to screw up 😉

Giving Mornings a Second Chance Giveaway

All through high school and university, I considered myself a night owl, living by the Red Bull slogan “nobody ever wishes they got more sleep in college”. I slept until the last possible moment and stayed up until I was essentially propping my eyes open with toothpicks, but recently I’ve been sliding to the other end of the spectrum.

Not only do I feel more productive before my students zap all of my energy, but it’s wonderful to have a relaxed, leisurely start to the day.

While I’m quite capable of going from sopping wet from a shower to out the door in ten minutes flat, it’s much more relaxing to ease my way into the day by savoring breakfast with some steaming coffee, browsing Google reader, and choosing an outfit that exudes a bit more finesse than yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve thrown quite a few alarm clocks in my day – but tell me you wouldn’t scuttle out of bed too if you had sweet rolls you made from scratch waiting in your kitchen.

blog 1699

Feather-light, slightly sinful, orange-zested sweet rolls can bribe me away from my blankets like no other.

blog 1700

They were by far my most successful attempt at proofing yeast yet – thanks, Angela, for the oh-so-helpful blow-by-blow!

I used her recipe for the dough, but I went for a more traditional cinnamon and sugar butter filling, along with the zest of some locally grown oranges.

By locally grown, I mean straight out of my mother’s back yard 🙂

The batch turned out huge, and even after sending my forever roomie home with eight of her own, and freezing two more for myself, I still have a dozen left to bring to work for my coworkers.  They turned out so well  that it would be a crime to keep them to myself!

blog 1705

Need another reason to head towards the kitchen with a goofy lovestruck grin on your face? How about some free breakfast?

Chobani – my favorite brand of Greek yogurt – has generously offered to sponsor a giveaway for Lovely as Charged readers! One lucky reader can snag six coupons for free six- ounce cups of the creamy, protein and calcium packed goodness, and you have three ways to enter that don’t require a lazy morning to complete!

  • “Like” Chobani on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so (if you already are a fan, mention that instead!)
  • Leave a comment with your dream yogurt flavor. I won’t lie, I’d totally be game for an orange cinnamon roll cup 😉
  • If you have a blog, link back to this giveaway and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so!

You have until December 7th to enter! I’ll pick a winner at random and you can be on your merry Chobani-chomping way!

And now, work beckons, to be followed with my first crack at this year’s Christmas shopping. See you all later!