We Deserve This

Good morning! Better yet, Happy Friday! Who else is ready for some down time?

Even though I was still sleepy when I rolled out of bed, I rolled straight to the kitchen for an energizing yogurt bowl.

yogurt breakfast

As I mixed strawberries, almonds and flax into my plain Chobani, I decided to throw in a few cinnamon raisins for good measure. Great in theory…except for the fact that the only place I can tolerate raisins is in oatmeal raisin cookies (a batch of which may be in our near future – hint hint!)

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Rock it Out

What up, loves?

Was it a great weekend for you? I certainly hope so. Mine was filled with loud music, bright sunshine and fantastic eats (and drinks!) Is there anything more a girl can ask for in this world?

My Saturday was spent rocking out at WJRR’s Earthday Birthday, the annual rock fest put on by Orlando’s rock radio station. The lineup wasn’t as good as Next Big Thing, but that’s not to say it wasn’t a hell of a show!

Earthday Birthday 18

Of all the bands playing, I was most excited to see A Day to Remember.

A Day to Remember Guitarist

Their lyrics rock my world. No lie. When I found out they were playing a forty minute set, I almost lost it. Yes, I am that fan.

Homesick Album Cover What Separates Me from You Album Cover For Those Who Have Heart Album Cover

Want to pump up your next workout? If you’re down with a dash of hard rock, hit up iTunes STAT for this A Day to Remember playlist:

  • All I Want
  • NJ Legion Iced Tea
  • Homesick
  • Monument
  • I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made Of?
  • Have Faith in Me
  • Another Song About the Weekend
  • Over my Head
  • Out of Time

Good. Stuff. Hardcore Barbie guarantees it. Yes, I have actually been nicknamed hardcore Barbie. Apparently a girl with sparkly pink fingernails rocking out to ADTR is quite the paradox.

blog 622

I suspected that most of the food at Earthday Birthday would be chicken fingers or corn dogs. My suspicions were correct, and while the delicious Arnold Palmers may have been worth $6 each, fried meat on a stick was decidedly not.

Thankfully, I’d started the morning with a bagel with Smart Balance Light and organic baby spinach before I headed over to Tinker Field.

blog 615

blog 614

I headed out before the headliners came on (Sevendust and Godsmack aren’t exactly my cup of coffee) and drove over to Cowboys, a country line dancing bar.

First off, let it be known that Cowboys was not my idea. However, since I had enjoyed a full afternoon of good music, I was willing to subject myself to an entire evening of Shania Twain and Tim McGraw…if only because it meant seeing the Coach for a few hours.


After such a jam-packed Saturday, you’d better believe the vast majority of my Sunday was spent recovering from the comfort of my bed. My trademark morning-after croissanwich from Burger King was consumed, but normal eats resumed that afternoon.

Lunch was an entire roasting pan full of garlic broccoli, Calabaza squash and eggplant with dill.

blog 606

Dinner deserves its own recipe post – it’ll make its appearance sometime this week! I finally tackled one of the few veggies that I have refused to try since I was a little girl…any guesses as to what it was?

What trouble did you get yourself into this weekend? Or was it more of a much-needed relaxation break?

You Are Blessed


What makes you feel blessed?


I Got High (And I Liked It!)

Legally, of course 😉 Come on now, who do you think I am?

blog 2514

One of my friends is a flight instructor and just so happens to own his own plane. When he offered to take me up in it, naturally I jumped at the chance!

The ridiculously early weekend wakeup call was well worth it once I arrived at the airport and headed to the hangar.

blog 2510

While he ran pre-flight checks, I crawled into the cub and started exploring.

blog 2512

blog 2513 

Less than 10 minutes later, we were in the air! I couldn’t believe how quick the takeoff was – the plane was on the runway for all of twenty seconds before it was airborne!

blog 2515

We left the windows down to enjoy the gorgeous 80 degree weather. If you think driving with the wind in your face feels amazing in the car, multiply that sensation by a hundred for an airplane.

blog 2521

Halfway through the flight, he asked me if I wanted to take over the steering. Not one to turn down the offer to oh, you know, fly a plane, I tentatively took the stick, and with a death grip that could rival a python’s, I nervously navigated us towards the airport.

Once we were safely back on land, we browsed some of the other planes that were parked on the lot, including a World War II-era bomber!

blog 2532

Talk about adrenaline rushes! I’m already hoping we can do it again 🙂

What have you done this weekend/what do you plan to do? Anything crazy?

Me First, Titles Last

Hey guys. Hope you’ve been having a stellar week!

Mine has been nothing less than hectic since the weekend. Although I’ve been running around like mad, it was exactly what I needed. Somewhere between the beach trips, the hysterical conversations, the heart-to-hearts, the huge projects at work and the Medusa’s head of errands, I realized one thing: despite all the labels I’m striving for – best friend, perfect employee, responsible puppy momma, supportive significant other, witty blogger, musical guru, domestic goddess…sometimes I have to let go of the titles and just be me.

Sometimes, I make stacks of white-flour pancakes from a box to feed the three college friends that crashed at my apartment on Saturday night, despite the blogger in me telling me to whip up gourmet free-range omlettes, market-fresh fruit parfaits and stone-ground whole-grain toast.

blog 2427

Sometimes, I spend Friday nights catching up on loads of laundry the size of a compact car instead of going out an being a social butterfly.

Sometimes, I opt to go makeup-free and messy-haired instead of transforming myself into a fashion plate. Mascara runs when you go to the beach anyways.


And yes, sometimes I do laugh so hard I look like I’m scrunching my entire face into a grimace. Better yet, sometimes I love the memory of the giggle so much that I don’t care how ridiculous I look.

Sometimes, I drop $2 on a snack bar instead of being a financially-prudent young woman.

blog 2488


Sometimes, I stay up until 4 am laughing like a little girl with the people I love instead of being mindful of my 9 am big-girl job.

Sometimes, I listen to the same 4 songs on Grooveshark for three hours instead of letting my playlist roll all the way through. Had I not been on a massive Yellowcard bender this afternoon, I would not have realized that Lights and Sounds is a 3:29 anthem about loving life and living in the moment.

Sometimes, I go to Fuddruckers, Sweet Tomatoes and a Chinese buffet within a single weekend and pay more attention to the kickass company than the nutritional content or photogenic quality of my meals.

Sometimes, shutting up and living life is more important than narrating it, explaining it or justifying it. At the end of the day, you have to do the things that make you feel good, regardless of what personal labels they do or do not coincide with.

And with that, dear readers, sometimes I need to turn off my computer, take a long hot shower, and crash.

Maternity Leave and a Birthday

Hello, hello, hello! Remember me? The writer chick who used to be a healthy living blogger before she up and moved?

blog 2392

She’s still around. I may be slightly bruised and scratched from the move, but no worse from the wear.

Pre-move, I had to have one last foodie adventure in Lakeland, and it happened courtesy of Groupon. Somehow, even after being a local for three years, I never stumbled upon Anthony’s Health Hut until recently. Quite a shame, considering how delicious the vegan egg salad sandwich turned out to be!

vegan egg salad sandwich

Packing up and plopping down in Orlando wasn’t the only major event that happened this week…in fact, perhaps we could call it a bit of a maternity leave?

blog 2393

It’s a GIRL! Haley, a wee bit of a space cadet, says hi.

Sadly, I missed my other baby’s birthday. Lovely as Charged turned one on February 25th, and I was too busy pushing mattresses down corridors to churn out a commemorative post. Instead, I’ll end this morning’s post with the very first message I ever shared here on the original LAC! (It’s worth a click to laugh and see how far she’s come!)

Will. I. Be. Pretty ?

What woman’s psyche hasn’t echoed some variation of this question until pretty seems no longer like a word – a lowly little adjective – but rather an ultimatum?

Wanted. Worthy. Pretty.

In some strange, strange thesaurus, these words have become synonymous.

“The word Pretty is not worth of everything you are meant to be”. We are not meant to be merely pretty.

I am not a doll. I am not an ornament. Until a doll can be strong, ambitious, intelligent, creative, talented, vivacious, perceptive, and pretty, there is no room on my foot for the Mattel patent or a “Made in China” stamp.

Wear Joy.
Live Passionately.
Take Care of Yourself.
There, not in the Little Blue Box or the Big Brown Bag, is all the pretty in the world.
Maybe there’s time yet to scrounge up the funds for the Prada pants on super-sale at Barneys that hug my pretty in all the right places.

The Best Excuse Ever for Skipping the Gym

Sometimes, when a girl gets home three hours later than her already-late ETA, she doesn’t wanna haul her butt to the treadmill.

I know you all feel me on this one. There really is no explanation necessary.

I do, however, have an epic explanation for my lateness.

blog 2275

Move-in information???

Enjoy your new apartment home???


Did last night really go down like my signature is telling me it did, or did I just fork over obscene amounts of money for something other than an application fee, down deposit, and rent for my very own perfect space uptown?


It’s really happening.

I can’t believe how quickly major changes happen in this life of mine. When I had to leave the job I’d held through university for a job with enough hours to make ends meet, I was hired at the preschool within 24 hours. When I quit the preschool to save my sanity, I was hired as a writer within a week. I started casually looking at apartments in O-town on Monday, and by Wednesday evening, I was plunking down my first month’s rent!

Fullscreen capture 1262011 100954 PM.bmp

Dang. Life moves quick, huh?

Ready or not…here it comes!