Does Anything Beat Free Cookies?

I thought I had the most ingenious plan for breakfast.


I’d whipped together plain Greek yogurt with a scoop of Acai powder for a sweet/tart flavoring, thrown on plenty of toppings and photographed away…


…Only to dream of yesterday’s dessert as I was eating it!


I may or may not have “sold” my contact information to SunTrust bank in exchange for the goods…but oh how good it was!

The moment of ecstasy from the free chocolatey, peanut buttery goodness will be worth the countless phone calls and fliers that I’m sure I’ll receive in the near future!

Also in the {very} near future: Chelsey’s vegan egg salad!


I stole a few spoonfuls from the batch I made last night as I was assembling my sandwich, and I can already vouch for its deliciousness.


Is it lunchtime yet?

And more importantly, will CookieTrust be back in my building’s lobby anytime soon?



Yesterday, it seemed like I had “Seagull Syndrome” from the moment I woke up. Everything I saw, I wanted, and I declared it MINE.

The first Living Social deal to hit my inbox – an unlimited month of Boot Camp classes – instantly MINE.

The Best Daily Deals in North Orlando - One Month of Unlimited Boot Camp - Mozilla Firefox 6232011 70953 AM.bmp

With that price, I feel like I couldn’t turn it down. Even if I only go once a week, it will average out to $5 a class. Oh, it’s gonna hurt so good!

Cold, sweet, extra-chocolatey breakfast? MINE.

chocolatey smoothie

My grabby hands couldn’t make my favorite healthy chocolate smoothie fast enough!

  • 1 large banana
  • 1 handful kale
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon flax meal
  • 3 ice cubes

It’s probably good that there was only a smidge of cereal left over in the box – I’m not sure how restrained I would have been if more goods were available to me!

chocolate smoothie in a bowl

When lunch rolled around, I enjoyed the leftover Chinese food that I finagled away from my mother after our weekend together.

Buddhist's Delight with egg

Leftover Buddhist’s Delight, not quite as good as the first time around, with a scrambled egg beater to freshen it up.

Of course, greedy snackage also occurred:

carrots and hummus

Fun fact: I hate raw carrots plain! I only eat them raw if I have a dip to smother them in!

Even after I escaped the florescent lighting, I still hadn’t escaped the MINE mindset!

yuengling draft

Oh hai, happy hour. When you advertising my favorite draft for $2 right in front of the path where I usually walk Haley…of course I have to swing in! Bam – MINE!

Since I was right next door to my favorite sushi restaurant, it would have been a crime not to grab dinner, no?

shin sushi

Definitely MINE. All mine.

Are you a “see it/have to have it” kind of person, or can you resist your urge to make everything yours?

Lebanese Lunch Break

Looks like we survived another day!

Between writing assignments, some of my coworkers and I slipped out for lunch at Café Annie, a Lebanese restaurant in Orlando’s business district. I’ve ordered takeout from Annie’s several different times, but this was the first time I ate in!

Cafe Annie

The black bean soup that I ordered was spot-on, but I felt like the café salad was definitely overpriced for literally five pieces of Iceberg lettuce, a cucumber sliver and two tomato slices. C’mon guys, you can do better than that!

black bean soup and salad

At least I had great company – it was an awesome bonding moment with my team!

As we were leaving, I overheard the owner reaming out his busboy. I’m not talking about constructive criticism here – I mean a harsh, name-calling, belittling diatribe. What made it worse is that the two times I’ve previously visited, I’ve also heard him speak just as demeaningly to his other employees, and my coworkers have passed on their own horror stories about his temper. Not cool at all! I know not everyone is always sunshine and giggles, but his demeanor was so off-putting that I don’t feel good about bringing him my business.

I’ve got a barbeque to go to tonight, so it’s time to slip out of the work wear and into something I can play volleyball in!


Dress, Susana Monaco. Belt, Vintage. Shoes, Manolo Blahnik

I think the game should take care of my 30 minutes of exercise for the day! Should be a blast – I haven’t played volleyball since trying out for the team my senior year of high school (I didn’t make it!)

Have you ever been so offended by the attitudes of a clerk, salesperson, waiter, etc that you have been completely turned off to the establishment? What would make you bring your business elsewhere?

The End of the ‘End

Weekends ending is always bittersweet. I love the freshness of the new week, but I hate saying goodbye to soffe’ shorts and lax schedules!

I don’t know about you all, but weekends should begin at noon on Fridays like they did in university!

The Coach dropped by my office Friday afternoon and surprised me with a box of sushi from our favorite downtown sushi restaurant.

sweet potato tempura avocado sushi

You know someone is your best friend when they remember to ask the sushi chef to add avocado to your sweet potato tempura roll!

sweet potato roll with avocado

Right after work, I rolled by apartment to puppynap Haley and set off on the two hour drive to my grandparent’s house to celebrate Father’s day.

dog out car window

She’s too quiet of a travel companion!

One thing I love about my weekends home is that my mother and grandmother insist on putting food in my face nonstop. I’m sure not one to complain!

greek yogurt with fruit

toast and scrambled eggs

fresh canteloupe chunks

Buddhist's Delight

yogurt berries walnuts

In the small town where they live, a restaurant opening is a big event! Of course, in my world, a new sushi restaurant is a huge event, so naturally I convinced my mother to head to lunch with me!

wasabi sushi grill

We split a plate of vegetable tempura to start, and we both were impressed by the assortment.

vegetable tempura

Sweet potatoes, rutabaga, zucchini and broccoli all got the batter-fry treatment.

We also plowed through (well…I plowed through…she gracefully consumed) four different vegetarian rolls: shitake mushroom, sweet potato, avocado and an asparagus/cucumber/avocado combo.

vegetarian sushi platter

I’m not entirely sure if I had enough sushi this weekend!

Regardless, here we are back at Monday. There’s lots to do – I better get crackin!

What was the best part about your weekend? Anything you ate ridiculous amounts of?

When Best Friends Are Coming to Town

You wake up at the buttcrack of dawn (which in your world equates to 6 AM), excited for work to come and go.

You assemble the quickest breakfast possible – maybe if you eat fast, 7 pm will get here sooner.

Chobani bowl

You cram in all the fresh fruits and nutrients possible, knowing that tonight’s dinner won’t exactly be health-conscious.

fruit nuts flax chia

You knock over empty planters in your excitement, trying to quickly clear a place for breakfast photography.

plain yogurt with fruit and nuts

You choose your lunch specifically because you know you have an older, not-yet-posted photo of it and can spend the extra two minutes finding the perfect outfit.

vegan taco salad

You abandon said perfect outfit because you remember – just as you’re walking out the door – that your office is FREEZING and that bare legs and arms will lead to curling up under your desk in a ball with a cup of coffee, wondering where you can build a bonfire for warmth.

We don’t really need conference room A, right?

You grab quickie snacks to keep your energy up until it’s time for burger assembly and massive face-stuffing to go down at Fuddruckers.

banana snack

Veggie burger with the works, here I come!

Oh Hell No

It’s Monday?

No more beaches, no more swimming, no more “sleeping in” until 8?

Oh HAELL no.

Over the weekend, I’d met up with Katy at The Grape, a wine bar in Jacksonville, for a fun night of drinks, running talk and gossip. The camera stayed in the car, but the Sweet Tooth Flight was the most delicious trio I’ve had in….well…ever!

The rest of the weekend was spent beachside, and waking up Monday morning was a touch difficult, to say the least. I’d be perfectly happy spending every day of my life with my toes buried in the sand, so dragging those toes to the office needed an extra-tempting breakfast:

blog 1316 

Nothing says tempting like a bowl of pond sludge, no? 😉

blog 1315

I tossed a banana into the blender along with:

  • 1 cup frozen kale
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop chocolate soy protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon flax meal
  • 3 ice cubes

For toppings:

  • 1 handful 365 Honey Crunch and Oats cereal
  • 3 tablespoons sliced almonds
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds

As I ate the smoothie, I tossed together a quick pair of sandwiches for lunch:


Twin whole wheat English muffins stuffed with hickory smoked tofurkey, romaine, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes and mustard – packed into a repurposed empty strawberry carton. I recently started rinsing out and reusing my berry containers for lunches and snacks – saves a plastic baggie!

Despite my best efforts to make Monday revert to Sunday, I don’t suppose it’s quite working. Time to bounce – see ya latah!

Hey Look, There’s a Hole in my Body

In contrast to Fridays, Thursdays are so boring.

Fridays bring the promise of an entire weekend of shenanigans. Fridays are bright and fun and a little bit crazy. Thursdays, on the other hand, are quite tame. You’re so close to the weekend – but not close enough to celebrate. Your brain is entirely over your week’s to-do list, but you still have to power through eight more hours on the clock before unwinding.

Unless, of course, your Thursday evening is spent at a tattoo parlor…

pierced navel

Oh hey, there’s a rhinestone in my navel. How did that happen?

I suppose the spontaneity began earlier on in the day, when I decided on a whim to swing by Cafe Annie’s for a mid-work snack (and leftovers to pack for lunch tomorrow!)

pita bread

As much as I love Cafe Annie’s authentic Mediterranean food, their pita bread is always underwhelming. Too much density, not enough puffiness!

That didn’t stop me from eating several slices though, along with the miniature salad doused in tzaziki!

Cafe Annie's Orlando

After work, I stopped at the Bloodmobile to do the blood donation thang:

orlando bloodmobile

Apparently, having a needle in my arm for 10 minutes triggered the desire to have a needle in my navel for 10 seconds.

I can’t stop looking at the sparkliness! Top that, Friday!

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Have any of them been a spontaneous idea, or were they all thought out and planned? Would you ever consider another? I love how tattoos look on other people, but I’m too big of a wuss to get one myself. With three ear piercings and the new belly ring, I’ve run out of things I’m willing to pierce!