Your Face Will Get Stuck Like That!

My dog’s a special one, alright…

Catahoula Hound

I woke up bright and early this morning to have time to take Haley for an extra-long walk.

 Ivanhoe District

The Ivanhoe district in Orlando is pretty gorgeous – and peaceful – early in the morning!

Lake Ivanhoe

Or rather, it was peaceful until 70 pounds of puppy came storming in…

curious puppy

Only my goofy dog would ignore the ducks but head straight for the long grass that was blowing in the wind and decide to further investigate by shoving her face in between the rails!

silly puppy

I was so afraid her big old noggin would get stuck!

So afraid that I whipped out my camera and started shooting pictures while laughing hysterically. Mom of the year right here. But that’s neither here nor there.

Since we’ve got a work potluck this afternoon, I wanted to keep breakfast light.

Blog Photography 009

I decided that an English muffin (half peanut butter and chia, half strawberry jam) would be enough to tide me over until noon without making me too full for all of my coworkers’ treats!

Time to get this Friday on the road!